Mercedes online SCN coding with Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P

Had Autel MaxiSys Pro ms908p Scan Tool for one year already, but never tried its ECU programming function (it is said that it’s the only one for ECU programming between Autel and Foxwell scanners, even new MS906 does not support). Today, i verified Mercedes SCN coding using the Maxisys MS908P and J2534 ECU programmer.

I did once Mercedes SCN coding:

Correctly connect Autel MS908P to J2534 ecu programming device and Mercedes

start MS908P

select Diagnosis

select Europe->Benz
diagnostic program initializing…

select Automatic selection

turn ignition on

reading VIN…

acquire VIN info
select date of manufacturer: as of 12/2015
please select the steering

here, press button Right to select right-hand steering
confirm vehicle info
select Programming
system data loading…

diagnostic system initializing…

select ME-SFI-Gasoline engine control


diagnostic system initializing…

select Control Module programming, but no newer control module software was found

Establishing vehicle communication…

Check network connection if good

then go to SCN coding

Bluetooth is forced to stop

enter VIN as a 17-digit code

two steps to perform SCN coding

– step 1 Get SCN data from Server

– step 2 Perform SCN coding

Establishing vehicle communication

Checking network connection

Perform SCN coding completed.

Mercedes SCN coding sequence has been completed successfully!

Online SCN Coding for MB SD C4

How to reset SDconnect c4 LAN & WLAN IP address

This is the how-to guide of sd connect c4 mux IP address setup for the local area connection and wireless network connection. And it will help solve WLan Error 2 displayed on the c4 mux.

the Wlan Error2

see the screenshots


Here is a solution…tested OK by Auto Scan Tool.

RESET LAN & WLAN IP address as follows:

On Desktop, right click to go to Personalize

Control Panel-> Network and Internet-> Network and Sharing Center

Network Connection-> Local Area Connection 2 Properties-> Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/Pv4) Properties

Use the following IP address:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Change adapter settings

Network Connection-> Wireless Network Connection 3 Properties-> Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/Pv4) Properties

Use the following IP address:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Open Road24h Ad-Hoc Connector for MB Star C4 Scanner Mux

Click on -1- Make Roard24h Ad-hoc Profile, then OK

Click on -2- Connect to MUX via Road24h, then OK

Road24h now is connecting

Open Administration

SDconnect Toolkit



Setup Encryption: WEP/ Hex

Enter the key

Copy the key as the network security key


Road14h is connected
The network location is now Work

SDconnect Toolkit Preview

It’s working!

Xentry/DAS can be used via WIFI.

Vediamo M Mode Variant Coding W212 7G

Some important tips of Benz Diagnostic Tool W212 7G M Mode Variant Coding using Vediamo.


W212 7G M Mode Variant Coding

You need:

Vediamo running with Sd connect C4

SCN coding database

Variant code:



I want to have M-mode in W212 E500 4matic 2010 model 212.090 SA801 – YOM 10/1, at the moment my variant code is Y2KX, does anyone help me to know the right code for M-mode ?


That’s interesting. I’ve got nearly the same car (W212 from 2009) and I’m also looking for the manual mode. My variant code is Y2KY.

Someone recommended to try three codings before and after the current one but I’m a bit hesitant with this.
The coding contains several properties of the car including 4Matic or RWD. In contrast to the RWD ones, the 4Matic have a torque limitation to protect the gearbox etc. when starting with full throttle. Therefore, a genuine 4Matic variant code would be preferable.

I think in the 7G coding collection there was no W212 E500 with M-mode. The next “match” could be an S500 4Matic (221.086). From the thread mentioned its variant code is YE25. Not sure if this one has M-mode, though.


I want to confirm that in 212.090 with MY2010 SA801 M-mode work very well

with Y2KZ ?? Imidietly after coding there was error showed in KI display “presafe function is unavaiable” but after ignition off/on everything works!

For 212.090 MY2009 SA800 correct coding is Y2AR


SUCCESS! Now with working M-mode! Y2KZ also works for me. Same error as above after first start which went away with the 2nd start.

Test drive was successful. One drawback, however: The gear switching times in M are not better than in C or S. Some years ago, I read from an S211 (E500 M273 with 7g) which was given M-mode and the owner claimed significantly faster gear switching. He did it the official way: Changing VeDoc and online SCN coding. Maybe there’s more to it than just the VGS variant coding.

Original Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P Bluetooth pair and language setting

Use the main cable to connect the J2534 ECU Preprogramming Box of Autel MaxiSys Pro ms908p Scan Tool to the vehicle, and via Bluetooth of J2534 ECU preprogramming box to communicate with MS908P.

Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P device from automatically paired Bluetooth to J2534 box.

Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P language settings: vehicle software language setting and device system language setting

1.Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P vehicle software language setting is useless, it is customized. It is English language as default, after receive device, provide the seller Country and language you want, and then they help you add language.

2.Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P device system language setting is Multilanguage available, just go to “System settings” to reset.

5 Ways to Use Bluetooth in Your Car

When Ericsson first began development of the protocol that would eventually become what we now know as Bluetooth, the telecom giant was operating from a position of power, controlling about 40 percent of the nascent mobile market in the entire world (PDF). Bluetooth was seen as a wireless replacement for the RS-232 serial communications protocol of the day, which would make it an ideal way to connect small devices, such as phones, with computers and peripherals alike. While that vision turned out to be prophetic, a side effect that nobody ever saw coming was that Bluetooth would also come to form the beating heart of the connected car, which is where we find ourselves today.

Virtually every phone sold today comes with a built-in Bluetooth radio, and an ever-increasing percentage of OEM telematics and infotainment systems, aftermarket head units, and add-on devices also make use of the protocol, leaving us with a vast array of different ways to make use of Car Diagnostic Tool on the road. For better or worse, Bluetooth is here to stay, so here are five of the best ways you can use Bluetooth in your car.

1.Make and Receive Phone Calls

Hands-free calling is easily the most well known way to use Bluetooth in your car, but it’s only the beginning. ML Harris / The Image Bank / Getty

This is the functionality everyone knows about, and until recently, it was really the only way to use Bluetooth in your car, so it’s entirely forgivable if it’s also the only use that really springs to mind. This is also the functionality that you’re most likely to run into in OEM head units and aftermarket stereos alike, and you can even add it to an older vehicle with a Bluetooth car kit.

The profile responsible for this functionality is, appropriately enough, referred to as HFP, or hands-free profile. Depending on the head unit and phone in question, you may be able to place and receive calls, dial via your head unit or voice commands, and even access—and edit—your address book via your head unit’s touchscreen interface.

2.Send and Receive Text Messages
Don’t text and drive, folks. PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections / Frederic Cirou / Getty

SMS is a dinosaur, developed all the way back in 1984, and shackled to a 160 character limit that was, believe it or not, rationalized due to the fact that most postcards and telex messages examined at the time clocked in at roughly 150 characters. If you aren’t sure exactly what telex is, or was, don’t worry too much about it. Just be glad that SMS (and, by proxy, twitter) message sizes weren’t based on the inherent limitations of carrier pigeons.

At any rate, and whether we like it or not, SMS is still a dominant way to see yourself misconstrued in 160 characters or less, and most people have probably, at some point, received a text message while driving. It’s actually pretty dangerous to read, led alone respond to, text messages on the road though, which is where the relatively new Message Access Profile (MAP) Bluetooth functionality comes in. Infotainment systems and head units with this functionality can pull in text messages from your phone and transmit messages back. When paired with text-to-speech functionality, and either speech-to-text or a variety of pre-programmed canned replies, availing yourself of this type of feature is streets ahead in terms of safety.

3.Stream Music Wirelessly

Who needs messy wires when you can stream music via Bluetooth?. Jeffrey Coolidge / Photodisc / Getty

This is where things start to get fun. If your head unit and phone both support the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), then you can wirelessly stream stereo audio data to your head unit. This is a great way to listen to any MP3s you have on your phone, but if your phone has an Internet connection, you can also use it to stream Internet radio and music-on-demand services like Spotify and Pandora.

If your phone and head unit also support the audio/video remote control profile (AVRCP), you can take it a step further and actually control playback from your head unit. This profile also allows some head units to display metadata, like artist names, song titles, and even album artwork.

4.Pump the Internet Into Your Car

If your car doesn’t have the Internet, but your Phone does, maybe they can share!. John Lamb / Digital Vision / Getty

Internet radio is great when you’re home or at the office, but what are you supposed to do on the road? Some OEM infotainment systems and aftermarket head units come with built-in apps for playing services like Pandora and Spotify, but, first, you need an Internet connection—and that’s where Bluetooth comes in. If your phone, and mobile provider, support Bluetooth tethering, you can actually pipe your phone’s Internet connection directly to your head unit, opening up a whole world of Internet radio, cloud-based music storage, and other entertainment options.

Data charges can be? a killer though, and not all providers are cool with this kind of tethering, so you may want to look into a mobile hotspot instead. Caveat emptor and all that.

5.Diagnose Your Engine Problems

Bluetooth won’t fix your car for you, but it can hook you up with some pretty important data. Sam Edwards / Caiaimage / Getty

No kidding. If you have an Android smartphone, you can actually pull codes, check PIDs, and possibly even diagnose your own check engine light—all via an OBD-II Bluetooth adapter. The key to these handy little scan tool is the ingenious ELM327 microcontroller developed by ELM Electronics at All you have to do is grab some free (or paid) scanner software from the App Store or Google Play, plug one of these scan tools into your car’s OBD-II connector, pair it to your phone, and you’re off to the races.

The Best Budget OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool


If you have a decent working knowledge of cars, you probably already know that there’s no real substitute for the car diagnostic tools that a professional diagnostic technician has at his or her disposal. Those tools, of course, typically consist of something like a Snap-on MODIS and a whole lot of prior experience diagnosing similar problems. However, technology has come a long way in recent years, and there are definitely ways for a determined do-it-yourselfer to save some money during tough economic times.
Getting at the Codes

The simplest “scan tools” are really just OBD-II code readers and that may be what your local parts store tries to sell or rent to you. This type of scan tool tends to be very affordable, and it can get you on the right track, but knowing the trouble code is only the first step in a potentially long and complicated diagnostic process.
Live Data Streaming

In order to be a really useful car diagnostic tool, a scanner should have the ability to interface with the car’s computer and display live data. Some scan tools are only designed to show a long list of all the available data values, while others allow you to pull specific parameter IDs (PIDs) and create a custom list. That can be tremendously useful during the diagnostic process since it allows you to watch for problems during a test drive.

You can find decent scanners that perform those functions for under a hundred dollars, although the cheapest option may be an ELM 327 scanner.

These “scanners” plug into your OBD2 port and use an ELM 327 microcontroller to interface the computer in your car with a phone, tablet, or laptop via either a wireless or USB connection. If you have one of those devices already, then you should be able to buy some premium ELM 327 software and still come well under the price of a traditional scanner.
The Best Car Diagnostic Tools Include Diagnostic Procedures

The one thing that all “affordable” code readers and scan tools lack is the knowledge base that the best car diagnostic tools like the MODIS come with. In addition to pulling codes and displaying data in a highly efficient manner, professional scanners also provide technicians with diagnostic procedures to follow in order to get to the root of a problems. In some cases, that includes specific procedures to test whether various components are in working order, which is the only way to avoid the “throw parts at it” method of car repair. Most good shops also have access to programs like Mitchell and Alldata that also provide invaluable diagnostic flow charts and testing procedures.

Learn more about: Scan Tools Vs. Code Readers

Professional diagnostic technicians also have a wealth of personal experience to draw on, and no affordable car diagnostic tool is going to provide either that or the diagnostic procedures you’d get from a tool like a MODIS or software like Alldata. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Like it’s done in so many other areas, the Internet has proven to be a leveler in the field of Car Diagnostic Tool.

There are a variety of free (and paid) services available that you can use in conjunction with an affordable scan tool, like an ELM 327 scanner, to diagnose your check engine light.

The key thing to remember is that if you’re experiencing a problem with your car, somebody else has probably experienced it before, and he’s probably posted about it to the Internet.

Autel Maxidas DS808 price, update, review, forum, car list

Autel maxidas ds808 for sale:

Autel maxidas ds808 price:$730

Autel maxidas ds808 registration:

Autel maxidas ds808 update:
Automatic system and software updates with real-time push message notifications via Wi-Fi. ds808 software and firmware update manual can be found at

Autel ds808 update cost:
Free to update within one year

Autel maxidas ds808 key programming:
NO!!! The Ds808 cannot program car keys. For key programming via Autel scan tools, you are advised to use a Autel MaxiSys MS908P scanner.

Autel maxidas ds808 coding:
NO!!! The Ds808 cannot do coding. you need a Autel MaxiSys MS908P scanner.

Autel maxidas ds808 ecu programming:
NO!!! The Ds808 cannot program ecus. Please use a Autel MaxiSys MS908P scanner for ecu programming. This is the only Autel diagnostic tablet supporting ecu programming.

Autel maxidas ds808 vs Autel DS708:
1. Autel DS808 adopted Android 4.4.4 operating system with higher CPU, running faster than DS708. More user-friendly.

2. Autel DS808 adds Smart AutoVIN, Cloud-based MaxiFix and shop manager functions that ds708 does not have.

Smart AutoVIN technology for identifying vehicle easily
Cloud-based MaxiFix online community provides a vast database of diagnostic and repair tips and proven filed fixes

3. MaxiDAS DS808 functions almost the same as MaxiSys MS906.

Autel ds808 vs Maxisys MS906 vs MS908 vs MS908P:
Autel MaxiDAS DS808 vs Autel Maxisys MS906:
Autel DS808 is the same as MS906 in functions

Autel Maxisys MS906 vs Autel Maxisys MS908:
MS906 cannot do coding…(so DS808 not OK in coding)
Autel MS908 can do coding perfectly

Autel MS908 vs Autel MS908P:
MS908 cannot do programming
Autel MS908P works fine in programming


Autel ds808 car list:
1. European vehicle list:

2. USA vehicle vist:

3. Asia vehicle list:

* Supported Automotive Protocols:
ISO9141-2, ISO14230-2,ISO15765, K/L-Line, Flashing Code, SAE-J1850 VPW, SAE-J1850 PWM, ISO11898(Highspeed, Middlespeed, Lowspeed and Singlewire CAN, fault-tolerant CAN), SAE J2610,GM UART,UART Echo Byte Protocol, Honda Diag-H Protocol, TP2.0, TP1.6

Autel maxidas ds808 review:
– work perfect
– good in reading, clearing codes,  very fast
– better than ds708, add Smart AutoVIN, Cloud-based MaxiFix and shop manager functions that ds708 does not have
see more click

Autel maxidas ds808 user manual:
Here you go… all details of maxidas ds808 at

Autel maxidas ds808 forum:

Autel maxidas ds808 problems:
So far, the Autel didn’t received any complaint about Autel ds808. For any experience of autel maxidas ds808 review you wanna share with all, please send it to the customer service in For any issues you have, please contact our customer service and we’ll try our best to help you.

Laura wishes you have fun here.