Mercedes Benz Engineering Software DTS-Monaco Download Free

DTS-Monaco as MB Star Engineering Software support Mercedes Benz programming offline. Where to got DTS V8 monaco software? share DTS Monaco Download Link Here.

DTS V8 Monaco Download Free:!JB1zALzY

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What is DTS-monaco?

DTS Monaco enables the comprehensive testing of diagnostic communication, diagnostic data and diagnostic sequences in the areas of engineering, testing and preparation of manufacturing tests. It can be adapted flexibly both for a whole range of different test tasks and for different user groups.

Which MB sw version comes with DTS-monaco?

Mercedes Benz Star Daignostic Software 2018, 05-2018 (newest)

05.2018 Xentry software version Mercedes Benz Engineering Software DTS Monaco Download Free Kindly note: we do not offer after-sales for the product from other suppliers, need any help pls keep your order number ask for help. Thanks.

How to setup WinKFP for BMW E series flashing

Here is WinKFP setup/installation tutorial, based on the E60 daten from ISTA/P 2.39. This assumes you have installed INPA/Ediabas and WinKFP and they are running correctly. This was done on a WinXP 32 bit system by OBD2TOOL.

1.  Unpack the V2.39 ISTA daten folders for SP-daten-E60 somewhere on your harddrive.
2.  Open WinKFP, then choose “Import/Export” in the main menu, and pick “Import” then “PABD”
3.  Browse to your unpacked daten folder and drill down to “sgdat”. [base]\SP-daten-E60\sgdat\. Hit CTRL-A to select all files, then click “Import”
4.  Now select again “Import/Export” in the main menu, and pick “Import” then “P-SGBD” and, like step 3, browse to your unpacked daten folder and drill down to “ecu”. [base]\SP-daten-E60\ecu\. Hit CTRL-A to select all files, then click “Import”
5.  Now select again “Import/Export” in the main menu, and pick “Import” then “Assembly Line Data”
6.  Browse to your unpacked daten folder and drill down to “data”. [base]\SP-daten-E60\data\ and make sure “data” is highlighted and select “OK”
7.  Depending on how big the data are, you may have to wait awhile. Go get a sandwich. Don’t abort. SP-daten-E89 took 10 minutes or more on my laptop and the program appeared frozen for several minutes. Eventually, it should return control.
8.  Open the regular file explorer and browse to your unpacked daten folder and drill down to “gdaten”. [base]\SP-daten-E60\data\gdaten\

Hit CTRL-A to select all files, then CTRL-C to copy all files to clipboard. Now browse to your NFS folder (usually C:\EC-APPS\NFS\ or just C:\NFS\ depending on your installation) then browse down to “data\gdaten” and hit CTRL-V to paste the copied files. If there are files already in this directory, overwrite them with the files you copied.

Now exit WinKFP and, if desired, backup your NFS dir and EDIABAS\ECU dir so you don’t have to go through this again.

9.  Run WinKFP. You may see a message like this:

Don’t panic. For some reason there are some lines in some of the BMW Diagnostic Tool SGIDC.AS2 files that are too long for WinKFP. SGIDC.AS2 is an ASCII text file and can be edited with notepad or another editor. Just load it up (you may have to add a .txt extension and remove it after editing) find the line specified in the box above and put a semi-colon in front of it (“comment” it out) or remove it completely. I don’t know if it is ever needed or if it should be truncated or what, but I’ve never run across any bad behavior by removing it.

Do this again if there are other long lines in the file; you can easily determine this as most lines will all be the same length and the problem lines will be twice as long or longer.

If all went well, you should have all the files needed to program ECUs with WinKFP.

Btw, I plugged those numbers in and I get “Assembly identification number not found in files determined by xxkfconf.da2”

I’d go the “Update ZUSB” route. Click “Comfort Mode” then “Update ZUSB” (F3). Select your ECU Family from the list (I’d guess “SBSL65”, “SBSR65” for the first two, but I don’t know about DDE. My DME/DDE is MSV70 which doesn’t seem to match).

After selecting the ECU Family, enter your VIN and hit OK. Now hit “Done” which goes back a screen, then you have a new option: “Prog ZB Update”. Select it and, if you have the right ECU family, you should get a box like this:

If you don’t have the correct ECU family, then I don’t think you’ll get this far, but don’t take my word for that. Try selecting something you know you don’t have and see if it gives you anything.

Entering: 7832868 – my bmw ECU part number into ZUSB brings up nothing but an error: Error 704:

Error on determining the ZB number!

The errors are because you input the wrong ZUSB (DME assembly number). It wants the DME firmware version, also called ZUSB (called Assembly Number in INPA). But doing that is not normally necessary.

Are you just updating your current DME? If yes, you do not need to input your current ZUSB.

Just do this:

– Choose “Comfort mode”.

– Choose “Update ZUSB”

– Select your DME type (MSS54 for your M3).

– Choose “Enter VIN” and enter your full VIN.

– Choose “Done” and it will go back one page.

– Choose “Prog. ZB-Update” and it will display both your current ZUSB and a proposed update ZUSB.

– Choose “Yes” to begin programming.

2017A Version CAT3 Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Tool Installation and Activation

2017A Version CAT3 Caterpillar ET Diagnostic tool installation

1. Open the CD,run Cat ET 2017A V1.0.exe,as picture:


2. Install software


3. Choose next


4. Choose I accept the terms in the license agreement.Then click next


5. Install




7.There will be an icon on your computer desktop.


2017A Version CAT3 Caterpillar ET software activation

1. You have to activate it after installing the software.

You must have an Keygen to activate it as picture shows:



2. Activation step as below:

2.1Copy  Comet、CometDLL files in crack to cat installation catalog C:program Files(x86)/common Files/Offboard Information Products/2017A/Comet to replace original files.As picture shows:


37-12 37-13

2.2Copy CometDLL、FlashServer files in crack to cat installation catalog C:program Files(x86)/common Files/Offboard Information Products/2017A/Flash to replace original files,as below:



2.3 Enter my computer,right click on properties-Advanced system settings – Advanced – Environment Variables –  System Variables- Creat Variable value-new

Put in:


Variable value:C:\flexlm\license.dat


As picture shows:




2.4 Creat a new folder in Disk C:FlexLM


2.5 Open NetworkSISID,get Serial ID



2.6 Open Keygen,put in Serial ID into host ID,run cat 2017A software in desktop,it will pop-up dialogue box and show License,put ID and license code into keygen,then set the ending time to 2035 year(No change in months).Click generate and show the activation code and it will creat a new license.dat file.



2.7 Put license.dat to catalog C:FlexLM.Then enter the activation code in the dialog box to confirm and complete the activation.

If you can’t still operate it,please click here to watch our video or contact