Can CGDI BMW code 2016 Mini Cooper KOMBI R60

Are you searching the answer about whether CGDI Prog BMW can code for 2016 BMW Mini cooper or not? Here share the test report about this car model from CG Company. Hope it helps you!


Car: 2016 BMW Mini Cooper KOMBI

Model: E series R60 (CAS3+ N16)

Device: CGDI Prog BMW key programmer



Connect CGDI BMW device to the vehicle with OBD wire harness

Open the car ACC button


Enter CGDI software to select “BMW E Series Coding”



When you use this function, must make sure the network connection well

Wait a moment, and a message will appear with “Current function is trial function”, click “OK”

OBD is connecting…

Reading data…

“Current vehicle FA information is inconsistent. Do you want to code with CAS Fa?”

Click “Yes”

Read data successfully

The vehicle available communication module has been marked black. Please select the appropriate module to set the code

Click “OK”

All the modules of the car have been read successfully

When the meter mileage is adjusted other languages or red dots will be displayed, so we need to code KOMBI to return to normal

Select “KOMBI” -> “Coding”

Click “Yes” when it prompts “Whether to backup data?”

When coding, the meter and the central control will restart automatically

Finally, CGDI BMW key programmer coding KOMBI successfully!

Good luck!

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