For Small Dent Repair PDR Works Best


For small dent repair, there is no better solution than Paintless Dent Repair or PDR. Hands down. While you may hear of other options or products that claim to remove dents, nothing will compare to PDR. Many people have never heard of PDR or don’t know what it is unless they have had hail damage, where it is widely used.  We will break down the key reasons why you should choose PDR over other options for dent removal including door dings.

Paintless Dent Repair Saves Your Factory Paint

Your vehicle will probably never get a better paint job than the original factory paint.  After going through a series of baths and sterilization processes, the factory paint is bonded to the metal at the electron level.  It is a very elaborate process and a very expensive one that would be extremely difficult to replicate.  Traditionally, a body shop will repair a dent by filling it and sanding it down before painting the affected area.  They will match the paint as close as they can but it will never match exactly or be the quality of the factory paint.

Paintless dent repair, on the other hand, removes dents in a non-invasive way without harming the paint.  PDR technicians use specialized tools to remove the dents by gently maneuvering them back to their original state. During this process, the paint stays completely intact.  Since the vehicle and factory paint stays original, the vehicle retains its full value.  You will only get one factory paint job so you want to keep it as long as possible.

Small Dent Repair Costs Less With PDR

Dent removal with paintless dent repair usually costs a lot less than a body shop would charge.  Depending on the size and location, a small dent can cost as little as $100 to repair.  Larger dents and those that are more difficult to access can raise the price.  Even so, a small dent or door ding can be repaired for less than a typical deductible.  No need to file a claim with your insurance company and cause your rates to go up. The going rate for a dent can be found on our PDR Estimate Calculator page.

Paintless Dent Repair Is Fast

At The Dent Company, our Express Dent and Door Ding Repair Service can repair small dents in a day.  Oftentimes, we can fix a dent while you wait, depending on the size and location of the dent. With PDR, there is no prep time or painting to wait on.  PDR technicians can start repairing that dent immediately.  A typical dent or ding takes an hour or two to repair depending on its location.

The Repair Is Permanent

Body parts from the factory are stamped to specific tolerances.  They are designed to withstand the rigors of daily driving in their original condition.  A dent actually stretches the metal.  This causes stress to the metal, the surrounding area it as well as the paint.  This can cause body panels to loosen over time, for bigger dents, and cause the paint to degrade or chip and allow rust in.  When body filler is used to fix a dent, the dent is still there and the metal is still stressed.

With Paintless dent repair, the metal is returned back to its original condition.  PDR is a permanent fix and you will never have to worry about the dent returning or further damage to your paint.

Car Dealerships Trust PDR For Their New Cars

Like anybody else, car dealerships suffer dents to their new cars and trust WOYO PDR 009 to fix them. It is especially beneficial when a dealership is hit with hail.  With PDR, their cars are completely restored much faster and they can sell them as new.

DIY Dent Removal Kits

It may be tempting to try one of those DIY dent repair kits you find on Amazon.  Our advice?  Don’t bother.  They simply do not work and you could cause further damage to the paint in the process.  This would lead to a more costlier repair.  You can find entire kits for less than $50.  To give an idea of the quality you will get, just a professional PDR glue gun can cost several $100.  Even then, it takes a skilled technician to use it properly.  Once the paint is damaged, PDR cannot fix it and it has to go to a body shop for repairs. We see this all too often when someone tries to fix a dent on their own.  It would have been much cheaper to bring it to us in the first place.

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