Nexiq USB 2 VS DPA5 vs VOCOM II for Volvo

I just got confused to buy diagnostic interface for Volvo (software PTT 2.6 or later).
Nexiq and DPA both work for multi brand but not sure how it perform with PTT 2.6.
VOCOM II only work with PTT but it is expensive too.

I do parameter programming, ECU programming and for diagnostic purpose.
Does any have know which one would be best ?

Only i concern that if Nexiq USB Link 2 can do all the work same as VOCOM II then there is no point of buying VOCOM II as it work only for Volvo PTT.

Reply by Raulmax

Hello dear, I tell you my experience with NEXIQ and DPA both I have used it for diagnostic purposes and if they work well using versions previous to PTT 2.6. this version PTT 2.6 I have not used yet. According to the store that sold me, I commented that these interfaces also work for programming but the software has to be developed.

Reply by ecuemulators

nexiq2 is only adapter. it can do %80 work. like you cant programming ecu with nexiq, cant change chasis number, cant change some parameters. but vocom you can. when connecting car vocom much faster than nexiq. if you do only repair and read fault codes nexiq is enough. but when you wanna make some programming like experienced ptt user, maybe you cant perform this action because of nexiq.

Reply by Dieseldoc1

Vocom will be the best bet to program with I found out the Dearborn and nexiq interface will work but don’t support/work rite for installing software . But on off hwy equipment the vocm is the only tool that will work with ptt

Reply by malandro

I bought a vocom 2 last year and after two months I sold it and bought an original nexiq 2. That way I can work on multiple truck brands with the same multiplexer. And guess what? Nexiq USB Link 2 is also j-2534 compatible so I also get to do cars that support that protocol also known as pass-thru. So far I’ve used it successfully on 2015 Subaru and 2014 Mercedes. So, unless you do 20 volvo’s a day and only volvo’s, get a nexiq 2.


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