2015 Jeep Tyre pressure sensor programming operation method by launch x431


X431PRO Function】2015 Jeep Tyre pressure sensor programming operation method.

Actual Car Model:Jeep,2015,VIN=1C4PJMCB2EW2*****,see pic1;

Function Description: after changing tyre monitor sensor, The tire pressure monitoring is restudied.

Operation Instructions
1)Select Jeep software V30.21 above;
2)Select 16PIN connector;
3)Select manual selection;
4)Select Jeep;
5)Select 2014 (VIN 10th)(Actual 2015。);
6)Select Cherokee;
7)Select RFH (Hub);
8)Select“Programming tyre sensor identification” prompt see pic3;

9)After click“confirm”,Prompt the requirements of this function .The ID of sensor can be found on the sensor. See pic4;

10)Select the tyre sensor that need be programmed. See pic5;

11)Input the ID of sensor see pic6;

12)Programming the sensor,pic7;

13)Tyre sensor ID programming successful.

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