FAQ Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface and PTT 1.02/PTT2.03

FAQ Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface and PTT 1.02/PTT2.03

Q: Can I use PTT2.03 new software program with Volvo VCADS interface?
A: No, PTT2.03 operates with Volvo Vocom 88890300 interface ONLY.

Q: What exactly is difference between VOLVO VOCOM PTT1.02 and PTT2.03?
A: 1) ptt1.12 application mostly can operate on Volvo autos till 2012 and euro five. It comes with the package. It is actually supplied at no cost. No want activation.
two) ptt2.03 computer software operates on Volvo cars till 2015 and euro six. This a single just isn’t free, in case you require this 1, you must pay 230USD to buy. It demands installation and activation by remote control. This computer software cannot be installed on VMWARE. Just after you purchase it, we’ll get in touch with factory to set up the software for you personally.
Vocom interface Firmware supports all types of Volvo vehicles from old to most current. No have to have update in the future.

Q: Can I install each dev2tool 0.four.2 and Volvo VOCOM PTT two.03/3.02 software program around the identical computer system?
A: Sorry, PTT two.03 will not be compatible with dev2tool 0.4.2. So they can not be installed on similar pc. But for those who making use of PTT 1.02, it performs.
(NOTE: Dev2tool 0.four.two Version for Volvo with Limitless Keygen: This 1 used for Parameter Programming for Volvo vehicles.)

Q: Can I set up PTT2.013 application on Virtual Machine (VMware)?
A: No, PTT 2.03 can only be installed on Win 7 32-bit O/S, no VMware.

Q: Premium Tech Tool 2.03.85 asks for activation number, how can I get it?
A: 1) In case your application is from us, please give me your order number, we supply one particular time free of charge activation.
2) In case your application isn’t from us, we’ll charge 230USD to active it.

Q: Hello, do you have installation guide for software program?
A: The application CD within the packages includes software installation guide.

Q: Are you able to send the PTT2.03 software on the internet?
A: Sorry, the application is also substantial, we have to send it by CD. Our factory would make it easier to activate it through remote manage. Should you do not know how to set up it, we can assist you to set up it also.

About function
Q: Will this Volvo Vocom interface program Renault ECU?
A: The Vocom interface and PTT software can not program ECU, only for diagnosis objective. But if you order Volvo IMMO TOOL, it’ll do.
(VOLVO IMMO TOOL: This software program value is 135USD, not included within the parcel. In the event you want this computer software, you can acquire it from us. This one particular is utilized for ECU programming. If you need to program ECU, apart from this software, you have to possess the flash file for your self. This one is for offline programming.)

Q: ptt two.23 assistance on line too as offline soon after activation? Have to have I to spend for this?
A: This PTT two.23 software program supports each online and offline immediately after activation. You only really need to pay the computer software price. No really need to spend any additional cash. This price tag involves all fees.

Q: Will this gear operate around the newest Renault truck Euro 6 Dti? Making use of the ptt2.03 software program?
A: Our engineer has tested Volvo Euro six applying PTT2.03. But we’ve not tested Renault truck Euro six, we are not 100% positive.

Q: Thanks, your engineer enable me set up the software prepared, i have 1 extra question to ask, my vehicle is actually a little far away from my pc, can I drop the net and take my pc to diagnose?
A: Yes, you may direct run diagnosis with out net connection.

Q: Volvo vcads and volvo vocom both can test Volvo vehicles, which one application is newer? which can diagnose newer models, such as 2014 and 2015??
A: In the event you should operate on newer volvo automobiles like 2014 and 2015, please pick VOLVO VOCOM and purchase PTT2.03/3.02 computer software.

Q: Is your Volvo VOCOM clone or original?
A: Our Vocom interface is HQ clone, original VOCOM will charge 1500$ up.

About update
Q: After you will release new computer software? How frequently new computer software release inside one particular year?
A: PTT2.03/3.02. would be the most current application as much as now. For application comes with the parcel which we offer for free, generally may have 1-2 update every year.

Q: Can i update this tool? Ways to do it, do you have got instruction or video about it? thanks
A: You may upgrade it on the web. There’s operation instruction in package CD.

Q: Does this come with 18 months of absolutely free updates please?
A: This one is cost-free update on the net.

Consumer assessment:
1. Take tried using the solution for about three weeks. It was trusted high quality. Genuinely good.
two. I get this volvo scanner, i set up the computer software on an old xp laptop, diagnose via cable operates smoothly for volvo 2006, 2009 i tested previously two days.
3. I believe this is the top Chinese made tool in the world.
4. Diagnose by way of cable functions smoothly for my Volvo euro five, outstanding tool.