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Solution to Abnormal Display after updating K518ISE Key Programmer

Problem: Click “Immobilizer” button after updating the Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer, it skips to below interface Solution: Step 1: After rebooting the device, please press and hold the setting and return buttons(in below red box) simultaneously for few second. Step 2: The following interface appears, please click “uninstall APK” button

Mercedes Benz ELV Repair by CGDI MB

I wrote a article on Benz ELV repair guide before: 2 Ways To Repair Benz ELV/ESL Steer Lock Problem.You need to remove the NEC chip then use VVDI MB TooL to restore the damaged data.Now here I introduce another device (CGDI MB Prog) to repair Benz ELV trouble by OBD port.

Tachograph programmer CD400

Tachograph programmer CD400 Calibrates and programs all analogue and digital tachographs up to the Smart tachograph (1C/ Gen-2) New functions – High accuracy W measure with photo sensor – Multi W measures with calculation of the average – Support of the DTCOSIM Features Multi language English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Nederlands,

CG Pro 9S12 BMW F Series Instrument Reset With 35160WT Adapter

With the purpose to reset the instrument cluster to virgin state in order to use it on the other car. BMW F series instrument cluster reset 160D0WT 35080V6 35080VP 080D0WQ erase EEPROM. What to use is CG Pro 9S12 programmer. This is CG 35160WT adapter And look at how I

XTOOL X100 PAD “Stay on the loading page” Solution

Problem: after booting the XTOOL X100 PAD, I select the OBD2 function, unfortunately, it stays on the loading page. OBD2TOOL Solution: 1. Open “quicksupport” on the tablet, and you will have one ID (shown as below), click on “Send my ID”. 2. Accept the request from Xtool Tech Supportto connect your

Xtool X100 PAD2 VS X100 PAD Function Specification Comparison

Here are the full comparison tables of Xtool X-100 Pad2 and Xtool X-100 Pad key programmer regrading function and specification. Function Comparison: Full Comparison XTOOL X100 PAD Xtool X100 PAD2 Standard Configuration/ Full Configuration Image     OBDII Diagnosis   No Diagnosis and immo function cover on the same cars.                                                                     Four System

How to Program 2014 VW Passat AKL via Lonsdor K518ISE

Question How to program 2014 VW Passat all keys lost in engineering mode with Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer? And how to get its IMMO data? Procedure Note: It does not support MQB all key lost. Please go into engineering mode firstly: Immobilization >> VW >> IMMO4 >> Select IMMO manually

How to Use Xtool X100 PAD3 X100 PAD III

How to Use Xtool X100 Pad3 X100 PAD III , about Activation,Connetion,Precautions before Use,Remote X100PAD3 Activation 1. Please activate X100PAD3 before you use it to test vehicles. And please connect WiFi first. how to use x100 pad3 2. Input Company name and mailbox, the diagnostic application will start after activation. 2.Vehicle

How to Reset Service Reminder Message on VW Jetta Car by XTOOL A80 Pro

Reset service light on Volkswagen Jetta car using XTOOL A80 Pro (H6 Pro) with VCI box. Main steps: The device used is XTOOL H6 Pro. But the guide also applied to A80 Pro. Connect XTOOL VCI to the vehicle via main cable, and connect to XTOOL tablet via Bluetooth Go

Program Land rover 2015-2018 Smart Key with Xtool X100 PAD2

Xtool tablets released new upgrade adding 2015-2018 Jaguar/Land Rover all smart keys lost/add key via OBD bypass PIN code in July 2021. Here is a demo guide on adding a spare smart key with XTOOL X100 Pad2. All keys lost is similar to add key procedure. Same update goes to