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BMW MEVD17.2.5 DME N13 ECU Auto Checksum by CG FC200

Test BMW F30 316i N13 engine with ICOM ISTA. ISTA gives faulty DME with Valvetronic and ignition and injection relay faults. DME is damaged. I need to replace and clone a new DME. Original car DME part number is 8638198 while the donor is 7636292. CG FC200 is really good


How to Program BMW Transmission Controller EGS Reset by Autel IM608

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Scan Tool is able to successfully program a used Transmission Controller (EGS Reset) for 2015 BMW X3 via OBD. Below I will show how to do it. Problem This is a 2015 BMW X3 with a 3.0 turbo diesel engine. This car will have a gearbox swap

How to Add New BDC Key to BMW MINI F56 by CGDI BMW

Got a Mini Cooper F56 with BDC module, add a new key from CGDI Prog BMW. Let’s test the car and the ignition switch first. The car engine runs very well. Sounds good! OK, turn off the switch. Next we wanted to disassemble the BDC module, remove the BDC module


BMW F-Chassis Auto StartStop Permanent Off Coding by Launch X431 PAD VII

This post comes with the tutorial of Auto Start/Stop Permanent Off Coding for BMW F-Chassis by using Launch X431 Pad VII. Here is the specific procedure: In the main menu, select Local Diagnose All Categories Then select European>> BMW Read vehicle version info and click OK Select Automatically Search Confirm


How to Test and Check Mileage on BMW by Launch X431 V 8 inch

This article will show you how Launch X431 V 8 inch runs on BMW in terms of mileage. The methods and tools are not limited to X431 scanning tools but are also applicable to other scanning tools. Model: F-series M30 2012 Tool: Launch X431 V Km on ECM First we enter


CG Pro 9S12 BMW F Series Instrument Reset With 35160WT Adapter

With the purpose to reset the instrument cluster to virgin state in order to use it on the other car. BMW F series instrument cluster reset 160D0WT 35080V6 35080VP 080D0WQ erase EEPROM. What to use is CG Pro 9S12 programmer. This is CG 35160WT adapter And look at how I


How to Test and Check Mileage on BMW by Launch X431 Tool

This article is about to show you how Launch X431 V works on BMW in terms of mileage. Methods and tools are not limited in X431 Scan Tools, and also applied to other scan tools. Model: F-series M30 2012 Tool: Launch X431 V Km on ECM First we enter scan menu.

Launch X431 PAD VII Failed to Add BMW F30 CAS4 Key Solution

Problem: I got the X-PROG3 immo add-on programmer for Launch X431 Pad VII. Pad 7 failed to add key on my BMW 2013 F30 320D CAS4. Error: Current ECU software not supported. Current IMMO type is not supported. Solution: XPROG3 IMMO function is done via Service Function- Immobilizer Reset. You have