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How to Configure XENTRY Diagnosis VCI with Xentry Benz

Here is a instruction show you guide on how to configure Xentry diagnosis VCI to Benz Xentry diagnostic software. Preparations: Benz Xentry OpenShell.XDOS 2022 Free Download Procedures: The new device concept consists of your diagnosis computer and the XENTRY Diagnosis VCI multiplexer. The XENTRY Diagnosis VCI has the following main features:


MB SD Connect C4, MB C5 Diagnosis Updated the Latest Version 2022.03

MB SD Connect C4, MB C5 Diagnosis Updated the Latest Version 2022.03 Softwares List: 1. DAS 2022.03: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System 2. Xentry 2022.03: New software released by Bennz Company after 04/ 2009 by diagnosis new cars. 3. WIS net 2020.10:Workshop Information System Supply the whole view of the


Mercedes Benz ELV Repair by CGDI MB

I wrote a article on Benz ELV repair guide before: 2 Ways To Repair Benz ELV/ESL Steer Lock Problem.You need to remove the NEC chip then use VVDI MB TooL to restore the damaged data.Now here I introduce another device (CGDI MB Prog) to repair Benz ELV trouble by OBD port.


How to Activate OEM Benz C6 Xentry and Update Firmware

Tutorial: how to activate/register Xentry and update vxdiag benz multi tool vci firmware. The procedure can be applied to: VXDIAG Benz C6 doip OEM Benz C6 using VXDIAG solution Xentry DAS does not require activation. Ready to use. DTS Monaco engineer software requires USB connection with vxdiag c6 and laptop


MB SD C4 Plus Connection Error “Verify the battery” Solution

Q: I have a problem with the connection between the MB Star C4 and my car, cables and notebook are not a problem. The defect is in c4, any suggestions for a solution? On Xentry, after a blue scroll bar appears on the screen, 30 and 31 appear, I swap the

How-to-Change-VXDIAG-Benz-WIS-EPC-Software-Language-1 (2)

How to Change VXDIAG Benz WIS EPC Software Language

Possible to change language in the Vxdiag Benz C6 WIS software? Yes, so does EPC. Check the easy guide below. The procedure is the same on vxdiag c6, vcx se benz and mb star sd c4/c5 devices. Change WIS software language: Run WIS, go to Options tab- Setup F2 – Langauge


2005 Mercedes C240 All Keys Lost If You Have The Password

Already made a key for this in the past and the customer lost their key. We had the password so we were able to generate a new key for them. Today, we have a 2005 Mercedes-Benz C240 we made a key with Autel IM608 for this in the past, but