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How to Solve Ford VCM2 Module Programming & Configuration Timed Out Error

This article comes with an eastern European customer who bought Ford VCM 2 Diagnostic Tool that have this Module Programming & Configuration Timed Out Error. Firstly, let’s check what he is saying: Hi, Enclosed are a set of 7 pics, and Ill start with explaining what it is that I


Ford VCM2 IDS Testman Error (Solved)

Offer the solution to Ford VCM2 IDS Testman error when diagnosing F – Series Super Duty. Vehicle: F – Series Super Duty Engine Type: Direct Injection – Turbo Capacity: 6.0L Transmission: Automatic Fuel type: Diesel Emission level: 50 state emission Ford scanner to use: VCM2 running IDS software Error: Testman error


MaxiSys Elite Scanner on Ford Escape Idle Issue

In this article we are going to be looking at a idle issue where the otter will go up and down. if you’re at a stoplight or a stop sign, this is an intermittent problem. so It doesn’t do it all the time, so I thought what we can start


2016 Ford Super Duty ABS Bleeding by Launch X431 V+

The purpose of ABS Bleeding is to perform various bi-directional tests to check the operating conditions of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). This post will share how to perform an ABS service bleeding on a 2016 Ford F Series Super Duty using Launch X431 V+. When should you perform ABS Bleeding?


VCM II “error license for function Passthru” Solution

Have VCM2 clone and when I install the patch file, I get message ” error license for function: Passthru” and “Device error”. I install Ford IDS V112, Mazda IDS V107. OBD2TOOL engineer solution: Ford_IDS Installation package:!fcoVnYZT!jpEjr4HHXU5Ifg8Hm0xERg Mzd_IDS Installation package:!bMg1ECzT!BjEMSq1TUvdgn2aT2CKTEg Ford_Mzd patch:!OV4RRC6B!seCWP6UCzOPWEDYlQxZ1iQ Virtual machine Ford IDS 106 CN: