Month: June 2017

Launch Creader CRP Touch Pro vs. Autel Scanners

The CRP Touch PRO is a full system diagnostic scan tool that runs on the Android.  Derived from Launch x431 professional diagnostic platform, this full-function scan tool offers a complete OEM-specific coverage for 76 systems on 46 domestic, Asian and European makes  including all software upgrades and instant technical response with

Troubleshoot Xtool X100 Pad2 battery drains too fast

XTOOL X100 PAD2 battery issue not always happens, but if it does, for example “It works a littl time and the battery says XX% and later powered off and not start.” Then please fix it by following mainly three steps: Step 1: Disassemble the C6 capacitor and desolder a 4.7K 0603

KTAG FW 7.020 vs. KTAG 7.003 vs. KTAG 6.070: Which new ECU?

This blog will totally make you clear: What’s the difference KTAG V7.020 vs. KTAG 7.003 vs. KTAG 6.070? Which ECU types are newly supported? Check below KTAG FW 7.020 Ksuite V2.23 screenshots! In general, KTAG Firmware 7.020 add more than 100 ECU protocols newly supported. Some screenshots of KTAG FW 7.020

Gm Tech2 TIS2000 failed to run Win7 Virtual Machine

One of OBD2TOOL customer bought the GM Tech2 Scanner and the TIS2000 software CD. He sent an email to our customer service that the GM TIS2000 software did not Run In xp Mode On Win7. Problem:“I use a GM Tech II diagnostic tool or a gm MDI to attach it to the

How to use Autel MS908P to reprogram ECU for BMW 750li E66?

This is a detailed guide to reprogram airbag SGM ECU for BMW 7 series 750li E66 2006 when ECU is replaced. Tool used is Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P, it support program BMW and Mercedes ECU! Step 1 Before using Autel MS908P to do ECU programming, you should make sure your

Download 06.2017 BMW ISTA-D 4.05.32 Standalone (NEW)

Good news for sharing: Here you can free download 06.2017 newly released BMW ISTA-D 4.05.32 Standalone + BMW ISTA-D license! Check below mega links and ISTA 4.05.32 update info! ISTA-D 4.05.32 Standalone FASTA & HW check is off Last firmware for BMW Diagnostic Tool & BMW ICOM Next included. Edit: License added

Why 2017 Launch X431 Diagun IV can replace Diagun III / X431 IV?

Here OBD2TOOL list 6 reasons why 2017 Launch X431 Diagun IV can replace Diagun III / X431 IV. After reading all, I am sure you can’t agree with me more. Enjoy. 1.2017 Launch X431 Diagun 4 package and adapters – smaller and smarter: 1pc x X-431 Diagun IV handset 1pc x Password