Lonsdor K518 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 2017 Smart Key programming OK

Lonsdor K518ISE Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 Smart Key programming definitely OK. Read eeprom, calculate pin code OK.

This post will write down the step-by-step procedure on how to use Lonsdor K518 program Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 Smart Key.

Press the unlock button of the key for 3 times to test if they are working or not.
Plug the Lonsdor K518ISE into the OBD port of the car.
Press the “Start /Stop button”.
Select “Immobilization” of Lonsdor K518ISE.

Select “Jeep”.
Grand Cherokee
2014 –
Read PIN code
Read IMMO data (OBD)
Follow the on-screen instruction.

Click “OK”.
Reading data…
Please enter the name of the file to be saved.
Backup success.
Back to select “Load IMMO data & read PIN code”.
Please read the Body computer EEPROM data onto the host……

Please select the file.
Pin code read out.
Back to select “Type 2(Can)”.
Add smart key.
Switch ignition off and turn on warning light.
Confirm the pin code.

lonsdor-k518-19 lonsdor-k518-20
Within 30 sec to close the key to be programmed to start button and press unlock button once.
Programming complete.
Test key by pressing the button “Unlock”, “Lock” and “Unlock”, the key can work.
Add another one smart key:
Back to select “Add key”, follow the on-screen instruction “Switch ignition off and turn off warning light”.
Repeat the above steps to add another one key successfully.
I can say Lonsdor K518ISE is very nice.
Also 2017 Grand Cherokee smart add 1 key under 4 minutes with pin extraction. 1st had to read eeprom via obd to get pin, then normal add a key function
so this Auto Key Programmer can read pin from k line with key.
Yesterday, I found some users use Lonsdor K518ISE test ok on the following models and I’d like to share here:
Suzuki Swift 2013 all key lost – OK
Ford kuga smart spare key….ok, max 5min job
i30 2009 all key lost pin i key(7936) ok
grand cherokee 2014 add smart ok
Berlingo 2014 all key lost pin read ok
Fiesta 2013 keyless ok
Mazda 3 2014 add Smart key OK. All keys lost also OK.
I20 2014, read pin without working key and program key OK.
2012 Ford Transit T350 2.2 RWD
AKL ok
Add Keys ok
read Citroen Berlingo pin Kline ok
peugeot partner 2010 all key lost pin ok
Berlingo 2003 K line one minute to get Pincode.
BTW, you can buy Lonsdor K518ISE on this site at a nice price.

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