Month: December 2018

How to Renew Lonsdor K518ISE Firmware Program

Question:When I update my Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer ,it’s failed”Run APP Failed,unknow error”or”update faild,APK version:v1.5.17″ Answer:Pls try Renew Lonsdor K518ISE Firmware Program Procedure: 1. Download and unzip the attached file, you will get      and 2. Install and then open the . 3. Use a USB cable to connect your K518ISE to

Why 09.2014 Xentry XDOS is best for Part D (C3)

The reason why Xentry Diagnostic Openshell version 09.2014 is the best software for C3 Star is that: anything after Xentry 09.2014 you have to do too many fixes to get it fully working.. For those with C3 mux, YOU HAVE TO KNOW: 11.2012 Xentry: best for OFFLINE PROGRAMMING 09.2014 Xentry: the

How to run Porsche PIWIS 3 with developer rights

Piwis Tester lll is the latest professional tester for Porshe,the most poweful diagnose and offline programming tool for Porsche,with latest tester for Porsche,powerful functions,full access . We apply every effort to solve hard cases in automotive and we will try our best to deliver you really working solutions. In This

AUTEL MaxiSys Elite perform Mercedes Benz ME97 SCN Coding

The Autel Maxisys Elite rapidly performs every job from comprehensive vehicle diagnostics & analysis to advanced ECU programming. 2x faster than any comparable device, the Autel MaxiSys Elite provides extended battery life and intelligent power saving. The MaxiSys Elite offers a super-sensitive capacitive screen able to respond to gloved, moistened,

30 minutes to Update SKP900 key programmer

Please go to the official website: to register and login, add (register) your machine and wait for our confirmation, then you can download update file in MY UPDATE and the update tool in the Common Files. SKP900 Key Programmer update steps: 1. Download the update tool and update file; 2.

How to get GM TECH2 CANdi module to work

The Candi Module should not plugged into your GM Tech 2 unless you’re working on a later car ..generally 2005 plus. Olders car from 96 should NOT have the Candi Module attached. OBD I only has 1 ground, so 12 pin adapter connects signal and chassis ground to the Tech 2

Program Toyota Avalon 2014 All Keys Lost with Tango & Lonsdor 518ISE

Test report:  I’ve successfully programmed TMS37200 smart key on a Toyota Avalon 2014 Middle East model under all keys lost situation via OBD. Main Procedure: Step 1: Backup EEPROM with Lonsdor K518ISE Step 2: Write key with Tango & SLK-03 emulator Step 3: Add/register smart key with Lonsdor K518 (If

How to add original smart key for BMW 428 by CGDI BMW

This post shows guide on how to use CGDI BMW and BMW FEM/BDC test platform to add original smart key for BMW FEM/BDC system. Note:CGDI BMW can read Password, ISN, Key Sync Code, DME ISN etc. Car model: BMW 428 with FEM/BDC immobilizer system Required tools: CGDI BMW Auto Key Programmer