Month: February 2019

CGDI Prog MB Reviews (Updated on 02.2019)

CGDI MB reviews: Have collected CGDI programmers feedback of tests on Mercedes. Credits to all contributors off w164: i did it today (EIS on bench) w164 eis A1645451508 new type pulling dump took 80 minutes calculating pass online 4 min. key programmed !!! w164: W164 need gateway w164 2006: Just

Posche Piwis 3 Original and Clone – What’s the difference

What’s the difference between Porsche Tester Piwis III original and clone: The genuine and copy differ in hardware only. They share the same functions and features. look here: original piwis tester 3: clone piwis 3: Why you should have a Porsche Piwis 3: vehicle coverage up to 2018: 911, Macan, Cayeme,

SAE J2534 device can be used as Nissan Consult 3 Plus

This is for anyone wants to know if Bosch Proflasher j2534 can be used as a VI with Nissan Consult III Plus. Here you go… The CONSULT III plus (C-III Plus) R2R diagnostic software can be installed on any off-the-shelf personal computer that meets CONSULT software operating specifications and can

Why did I buy Cummins Insite 7.62 instead of Insite 8.xx

Here are some things learned while I was also deciding what Insite software to buy. Hopefully it can help someone. And please correct me if there is some things wrong. If you search eBay for Inline 6 Insite 7.62, some of these will include the Insite software, but read carefully!.

(Solved) vxdiag Benz xentry no access authorization

Solution to vxdiag Benz xentry error “No access authorization, You must contact the User Help Desk. Reason: Means the License errors, need register again. How to register Xentry? If you use the hard disk in the package, you will find a TOOL folder on the desktop, click it and then

How to use Xentry DAS on AVDI passthru

What is the AVDI recognized by Xentry? Xentry Mercedes Passthru is different from from regular Xentry openshell. Xentry passthru does not use SDconnect toolkit. When you launch the program it will give you a dropdown where you can choose which J2534 device you want to use. How to use Xentry Passthru?

VVDI Keytool remote cloning Fixed code cloning vs Special cloning

Look here: In remote cloning with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool what’s the difference between Fixed Code & Special Clone? remote cloning remote cloning includes hcs/fixed code cloning, non-hcs rolling code cloning and remote editing function hcs/fixed code cloning: support common fixed code cloning PT22XX, LX918, HT6P20, etc. support hundreds of vehicle

(Solved) John Deere Service Advisor Search Engine Error

This is for anyone when he/she runs the John Deere Service Advisor Heavy Duty Truck Scanner Software, the system appears error message that the search engine module can not be loaded and then the program ends. NOTE THAT YOU ARE TRYING ANY TRICK ON YOUR OWN RISK. Optional solutions: Solution

John Deere Service Advisor EDL 7215R 9 pin cable pinouts

How to connect kess v2 on John Deere Service Advisor for reading? John Deere 9 pin cable connection.. Here you go. This is a bad John Deere 7215R, not working. No wires to some pins This is the manual connection from original Kess V2 master: It’s the 2014 year Here you

How to Slove MB SD C4 Cannot Access OBD2 Port

When using china clone mb sd connect compact 4 Multiplexer, it could not link to the car computer, MB SD Connect C4 offered a message, saying like “check cable connection / turn ignition on”. Then tried again, clone SDconnect compact 4 multiplexer cannot access OBD2 port Picture According to customer’s feedback