Piwis 3 Compare With Piwis Tester 2

As the Piwis III for Porsche diagnostic & programming released, most client inquiry for the Piwis 3 to replace Piwis tester ii for Porsche new models. Some client asks what’s the difference between Piwis Tester II & Piwis 3. whether the Piwis II work with the Piwis 3 software? Below Piwis-Tester-2.com share one client opinion for this.
Purchase Piwis 2 or Piwis 3?

piwis 2 & piwis 3 comparison

It may be an interesting subject, I’m sure there is some information about this out here.

First of all, the Piwis 2 interface is a lot more robust piece of equipment, compared to the cheesy and flimsy looking and feeling interface produced by Actia for Piwis 3.

Originally designed for the VW ODIS system, the VAS 6154 VCI is quite the service needy piece. [Breaks easily] not a hard comparison to make.
Is it worth to purchase Piwis 3 replace Piwis 2 now? Can the Piwis 2 compatible with Piwis 3 Software?

This answer for the question of whether Piwis 3 software can work with Piwis II Samtec HSX Interface from Piwis-Tester-2.com?

Secondly, I thought the Piwis 3 for Porsche went cheap. [my humble opinion, way below Porsche standard!]

At the same time, there is a service from Poland and Ukraine [If I remember correctly] that can make the Samtec based Piwis 2 VCI from Piwis-Tester-2.com, to work with Piwis 3.

Unfortunately, their charges are just as much and frankly cost prohibitive as the New Piwis 3 VCI. 2-3-4 thousand dollars for these VCIs is simply not reasonable for small operators.

They will come down in price just like the Chinese VCIs did for all manufacturers as the markets get saturated and folks are not buying them as eagerly as at the beginning of the Piwis 3 had.

They will get as much money as the market bares. [as much as people are willing to pay]

Your more pointed answers will not come in this tread Ibi. This is Cars Fan’s money-making tread, he will not volunteer any information, but if U start your own tread, U may be more likely to find out stuff.


What Do the Piwis 3 updates replace Piwis 2?

Diagnostics application is used for communication with control units. You can search for, identify, code and control program units, read out the event memory, execute complex processes, change drive links and execute routines.

Guided fault finding (GFF) generates a test plan for a fault code. This test plan shows the best sequence for carrying out tests. GFF compiles a list of recommended tests, documents and wiring diagrams

Actual values/input signals functions display you the actual values and input signals of control units

Drive links/tests function displays the drive links of control units, allows you to change the parameters of these drive links and run test routines for individual control units

Maintenance/repairs function group – use this function to call up control unit-specific processes that cannot be implemented generically from the ODX data

Coding/programming function group – use this function to write coding values. Piwis 3 can code Values automatically or set manually. This function group includes (Automatic coding, Manual

coding, Customer-specific settings, and Factory settings) coding modes

Logging – use this function to activate logging for diagnostics, guided fault finding (GFF) and measuring equipment applications. Temporary and permanent working log can be created

Filter – use this function to limit the view of the control units installed in the vehicle. In the diagnostic application, you can create, edit, activate, deactivate or assign filters

Wiring diagrams application is the representation of physical connections and layouts of circuits

Measuring equipment interface work for DC and AC voltage measurement, direct and alternating current measurement, diode testing, resistance measurement, continuity/open circuit testing, showing voltage, current and resistance over time (oscilloscope function)

Any question about the Piwis 3 or Piwis 3 and Porsche Piwis Tester 2 comparison reviews, welcome to feedback to us.


Here is the GM Tech 2 PATHING DOCUMENT that every TECH 2 Owner should have. You work BACKWARDS from what you want to see.

See the attach PDF Document:

Look at MISFIRE in the chart and on the Tech2 Go to Special Functions, Powertrain and then misfire graphic

Misfire Graphic – Engine > Engine Controls > Special Functions > Powertrain Control Module
Misfire Graphic – Powertrain > Special Functions
Misfire Graphic – Powertrain > Special Functions > Special Functions (PCM)


Lonsdor K518ISE SCION 2011-2018 Models Enabled!

Lonsdor released the Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer update announcement on 14-03-2019, saying it can work with more SCION vehicles.


How to update SCION for Auto Key Programmer Lonsdor K518ISE:

Close the device and open it, the update will come to you. All will be successfully


Lonsdor K518ise SCION car list:

SCION \CH-R\2018\ Smart key

SCION \CH-R\2018\Mechanical key

SCION \2013-2016\ Smart key

SCION \FR-S\2013-2016\Mechanical key

SCION \iA2016-2018\ Smart key

SCION \iM\2017-2018\Mechanical key

SCION \iQ\2012-2015\Mechanlcal key

SCION \tC\2005-2010\Mechanical key

SCION \tC\2011-2015\ Smart key

SCION \tC\2011-2015\Mechanical key

SCION \xB\2012-2013\Mechanical key

SCION \xB\2012\Remote

SCION \xD\2012-2013\Mechanical key


More Lonsdor update info released on 14-03-2019:

Software Update/Optimization Highlights

VAG IMMO K-Line 2&3 PIN code reading capability
BMW CAS1 Available as of now
BMW FEM/BDC latest variant indexes added as listed below
KIA/HYUNDAI Type 46 PIN code read for both Smart + Key-blade transponder types + implementation of LKE Emulator to enable PIN reading in case of AKL
Toyota selection menu by vehicle model
Porsche previously unsupported models AKL added via LKE Emulator

in detail..

Lonsdor k518ise Software Optimization:

1.VWIMM02&IMM03 [Read PIN)

2.VW IMM04 Enable more dashboards to auto identify immo type

3.Skoda IMM02 ft IMM03 (Read PIN}

4.Skoda IMM04 Enable more dashboards to auto identify immo type

5.BMW CAS CAS1 is available; CAS2/CAS3 [Delete key)

6.BMW FEM/BOC Suport swfl 00002419 071 010 040.swfl 00002419 080 010 010

software version

7.Toyota: Optimize menu [Select from vehicle)

6.Oodge/Chrytler/JEEP ft Honda.

9 Hyundoi/Kle Optimize [Read 46 chip PIN) and [Read PIN code{46 smart

card)), support obtaining PIN via LKE decoding

10.BVD [General working key) .support generating SK via LKE to obtain PIN.

11.Porsche Optimize key programming procedure For Boxter(2005 2011)/Coy-

man(200S 2011)/997(2005-2010)/911(200S 2010).support bypass programming

with LKE

LKE Emulator Main Function

1.Features of Toyota/Lexus smart key all lost(5 emulators-in-1)


No need networking

Localized computing

2.Generate chip

LKE can be used to work as an emergency key to program when no dedicated


3-Copy chip

By collecting data to decode and copy chip, LKE currently supports some 46 and 4D chtp copy

4.Simulate and convert chip

Use [Generate chip] to make various chips, part of 40/46 and SKE Toyota  currently supported

5.Decode chip

Decode 46 and 4D chips to obtain SK.

6.identify ignition coil and key chip type(al) key lost)

7.As K518 helper:

Achieve programming key without PIN for Hyundai and Kia.

Achieve programming key without PIN for BYD

Achieve programming key without PIN for Porsche Cayman(2005-2010) and boxster


FVDI Program Renault Megane 3 2009 PCF7947 Key Card by OBD

Test report: successfully added a 3-button key card to a Renault Megane III year 2009 using FVDI2 full abrites commander.


Original key card:


New key to be programmed

Step 1: Read Pin Code

Open FVDI software, Select Renault Software->V5.2


Choose Key Learning function-> model Megane III X95 2009+



Press Start in menu to read key information


Then Read PIN Code

This is a Megane III, put the key card in ignition lock without starting engine


Read Pin Code success

Step 2: Learn key with FVDI Renault

Press Learn function

Enter number of keys to be programmed: 2


Press OK to continue


Insert key 1 into ignition lock and switch ignition to ON position


Then insert key 1 and turn ignition to ON position

Key learning in process


Press OK to save key learning result.


Turn ignition OFF and then ON


Key learning success


Test both keys. Both keys can start car.

V4.94 Digiprog III With FTDI Chips For Sale With Honest Reviews

Digiprog 3 V4.94 was the well-known OBD2 Odometer Correction Tool for univeral car models. And today, obd2tool.com official blog will share a V4.94 Digiprog III With FTDI Chips Reviews to help customers better know why Buy V4.94 Digiprog III Digiprog 3 With FTDI Chips For Sale will worthy the values.

Digiprog III 4.94 Full Set Unboxing Check


As you have seen, Digiprog 3 V4.94 Full Set contains cable for multi car models programmer.

V4.94 Digiprog 3 Digiprog III was well made with great quality and has been tested by many customers,100% workable for following car models

Mercedes Benz:

Mercedes W251 R350 2010 OBD ok

no sync problems no can filter needed!

Mercedes Vito W638 2003 OBD ok

Mercedes B-Class W246 use direct in OBD ok

Mercedes w211 2003 read and Save cluster EEPROM via EEPROM / MCU ok

Volkswagen Group:

Digiprog do all Golf 4 without problem!!! And all golf 6 digiprog 3 clone work good for me till 2013 year

Golf 6 plus 2010 work ok

VW Caddy 2013 done throw menu Golf 6 2012>

VW Touareg 2004 OBD ok

VW Polo, Seat Ibiza 2007 Magneti Marelli Motorola ST48 by points OK

I have done Seat Leon 1M 2000 2002 and 2003 with digiprog3 V4.94 via OBDII no problem

T5 2004 dash & ECU via OBD -read? /write ok 10 seconds. ECU EDC16 read write ok 7 minutes

Sharan 2001 via OBD- read? /write ok

Skoda Octavia 1z 2011 OBD ok

Skoda Fabia 2009 OBD read? /write OK

Skoda Fabia 2010 OBD, read? /write OK after second try

Audi A6 2010 dash via OBD, it takes a while to find code but successfully do it

Audi A3 2010 by OBD OK

Audi TT 2002 obd2 n8 is ok work

Audi S3 2002 obd2 is ok work

Audi A3 2002 obd2 is ok work

Audi A6 2002 ok after some effort.

Audi A4 2007 OBD dash read write ok

Audi A4 8e b6 2004 OK in 2 minutes

Audi Q7 2007 via OBD work

Audi Q72012 by OBD work ok


My Digiprog 3 unit works on 2017 BMW I8! Good luck!

Nissan Navara, Pathfinder Motorola ST48 by points OK

Fiat Ducato 2014 OBD dash ok

Mitsubishi galant 2006 93C46 ok

Saab 9-3 2009 HCS12 ok

Ford Mondeo 2010 Visteon dash with 9s12 read write ok via 4 wires on PCB

Peugeot 307 2002 —> Work Dash —> NEC (New ST59) BSI —> HC12

Passat 2013 by OBD ok

2014 Porsche Panamera by EEPROM 95640 work ok

2011 Vauxhalls Vivaro… 93c76…. All good… read and write

Opel Astra G 2001 OBD read? / write ok 10 seconds.

Opel Astra H 2006 – m35080 – work

Obd2tool.com Digiprog 3 User Guide : How to setup V4.94 Digiprog3 Odometer Master Programmer

1. Connect the digiprog 3 main unit into the OBD diagnostic socket, but do not use the cigar lighter lead. Otherwise, it will lose the warranty.

2. After well connect with vehicle, the digirog 3 main unit will power on, the device is loading the system.

3 Then the device screen will display digiprog III software version information. Software is marked as s unique 12 digit electronic serial number.

4. When your digiprog 3 has finished loading an information screen will appear with a disclaimer regarding the use of the machine.


5. Click “Check/Tick” button to start using the digiprog 3 odometer correction tool.

6. The digiprog 3 will require password to enter the system. The default password is “1”.


7. Welcome the main interface. You are also allowed to check the software marked red on the picture below.


8. Select the function you need to do and follow the screen instruction.

Why V4.94 Digiprog3 was the hottest OBD2 mileages correction tools ?

1.great quality with stable peformance,tested by many customers,100% workable.

2. With FTDI Chips,and the package contains ST01/02 and ST04 Adapter.

3.coverage multi car models.

4.Cheap affordable price.

5.Easy and stable to use.

Customer’s Feedbacks about Digiprog III 4.94 Full Set


In all, Digirpgo 3 digiprog iii is a ideal and professional Odometer Master Programmer for multi cars at cheap affordable price.

Handy Baby I v9.0.4 Handy Baby II v2.30 Download Free

JMD Handy Baby 1 & 2 Updates: (released on 04-03-2019)

Handy baby 1 the latest version is 9.0.4

Handy baby 2 the latest version is 2.30

Or Use App only for JMD Handy Baby II

Handy Baby II APP IOS + Android



Android App


jmd-handy-baby-ii-app-download-1 jmd-handy-baby-ii-app-download-2 jmd-handy-baby-ii-app-download-3 jmd-handy-baby-ii-app-download-4 jmd-handy-baby-ii-app-download-5 jmd-handy-baby-ii-app-download-6

2019 SEC-E9 cutting machine supported key model list & feedback

2019 SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine supported key model list, including the clamp, key, cutter as well as feedback.

2019 SEC-E9 cutting machine supported key model list:




SEC-E9 key cutting machine feedback: GOOD

Feedback 1:

Well thank goodness for the wonderful support got with My sec e9

This cutting Machine is my company’s life holder  just started automotive about a year ago and could not afford much I sold my car by this machine and it has paid off from day one I was able start cutting high security key blanks any key really it always cut them perfectly absolutely perfectly. 1 day I woke up and it was cutting wrong I contacted my representative at the sec E9 company Leslie she got an engineer and several other people together for a conference call I showed him the problems I was having they came up with a solution and soon after my machine was up and running again it cuts perfectly every time I love this machine


Feedback 2 and more:

Working fine too.

Works fast, smooth and perfectly.

Here I attach 2 screenshots.


So happy with SEC-E9 key cutting machine:


Subaru impreza with all lost key program with Superobd SKP900

I have subaru impreza with all lost key ma try to program key with Superobd SKP900 but still not working now am ready immo data using tango to load that file but tango say unknown version ,,,can someone help me to check my file if there is a something wrong …thanks
ecu part n.22765AF262,,112700-4302 ECU EEP 93C56B
IMMO PART N.88281FJ121 24L02
impreza data.rar:


here is your magic file that will make your car start again with 100% testable solution
good luck
impreza fix .rar


Finally. Thanks for the above magic file my car starting okay great job …..