AUTEL Maxisys Elite Pro MS908S MS906BT Serial Scanner common problems Solutions


The following are common customer issues for the AUTEL family of products. If you encounter the following problems, you can follow our steps to operation.

Problem 1 : What to do with the error message “Unfortunately, Maxisys has stopped”

If you get error message “Unfortunately, Maxisys has stopped” on Maxisys or Maxisys mini tablet, please try the following steps:
1.Connect Maxisys/Maxisys mini to PC via USB cable;
2.Turn on USB storage on the maxisys;
3.Wait for several seconds;
4.Turn off USB storage;
5.Restart the scanner and try again.

If you follow the above steps, the problem still exists as follows:
It does not work from the beginning, and try the reset and does not work

1. Restore the tool , please go to System Settings–Backup&Reset, you can see Factory data reset there.
2. setting+apps+MaxiSys+cleardata+clear cache +backup reset+factory data reset ..end

Several customers have tried and solved this problem, Here is the feedback:
Customer 1:
picture 1

Customer 2:
picture 2

Problem 2 : How do i unlock my Autel Maxisys Pro MS908p/Elite/MS906/ MS906BT/ MS906TS tablet as it was locked

Some customers have recently reported the following problems:

My maxisys mini tablet was locked by my 3 years old child while he was playing on it. Now when i turn it on it’s asking for a pattern unlock. does anyone knows how to help me with this issue?

need to do a hard reset: shut tablet off and then press power while holding volume up button

Problem 3 : AUTEL Maxisys MS908p/Elite/MS906/ MS906BT/ MS906T tip :No Update in Maxisys with Message “Network not Available”

Customers report that the AUTEL Maxisys Elite tool is connected to the network or is prompted: No Update in Maxisys with Message “Network not Available”

On Maxisys or Maxisys Mini, the network connection is fine, but when going to Update page, it says “Network not available, please check the network”.

1. Please go to Root Explorer, /mnt/sdcard/scan/ menu and check if there is init.xml file, if yes, please delete it. Then access the menu again to make sure it is deleted successfully.

2. If it still says network not available, on the main screen, please select Maxisys icon, hold it and move it to the top where you can see App info, force stop the process of Maxisys and clear the data then try to update again.

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