Lonsdor K518ISE Program Hyundai Creta 2018 Remote Key

The task is to make a duplicate of the key for the Hyundai Creta year 2018 with key ID60 chip (80 bits), the chip and remote control programming are performed by the Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer.

Note: Pin code is required.

Step 1: Program chip key

Connect K518 host with vehicle via OBD socket

Immobilizer->Hyundai->Select from type->Immobilizer->Type 3(K)-> Read key count


Turn on ignition switch

K518 identified 2 keys stored in car


Select Program key

Insert key and turn on ignition

Lonsdor K518 requires 6-digit pin code to access
Program completed, press OK to program next key


Replace new key and turn on ignition

Programming success


Remove the key and wait 5 sec, programming complete

Both keys can start vehicle.

Step 2: Program remote control with Lonsdor K518ISE

Select Immobilizer->Hyundai->Select from type->Remote control system->16 PIN->Type 2(CAN)->Program remote


Turn on ignition switch

Turn off ignition and remove key, press OK to continue


Program remote control. Press LOCK and UNLOCK button for more than 1 sec


Program 1st remote success, repeat to program next one if needed

Remote control programming completed.

Test the remote, working no issue!!!

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