How to use BMW ICOM Function of CGDI Prog BMW key programmer?

CGDI Prog BMW key programmer V3.0.1 software released ICOM new function. Here’s the guide to use the CGDI ICOM function.



CGDI ICOM Function Explanation:


ICOM function on CGDI is to replace the ICOM emulator with a CGDI Prog. It can replace the ICOM device to perform the required operations.


Note: CGDI ICOM function does not support Windows XP system.



There are two connection ways to use the ICOM function.

Method 1: install GCDI BMW software and BMW ISTA software on the same computer. Connect CGDI Prog with vehicle and computer, run ICOM function. The connection is like common ICOM emulator connection.


Method 2: install CGDI BMW software and ISTA software on different laptops, to use ICOM function, require to disable the firewall program on laptop with CGDI software,  connect 2 laptop to the same LAN or WiFi.

Then connect CGDI BMW programmer with vehicle.


It is recommended to install CGDI and BMW ISTA software on the same computer.



If there is a “registration failure” or a connection exception, exit program and run it again.


CG ICOM Functional Operation instructions


CGDI Prog BMW key programmer


CGDI ICOM activation license


BMW ICOM software ISTA (incl. other engineering software )


A non-Windows XP laptop



Every time you run ICOM function, it will pop up slpd.exe message.  Press Yes to continue.


When program display “Registered Successful·······” message, that indicates ICOM function is ready to use.



How to configure ICOM software on CGDI?

It is similar as ICOM emulators.


EasyConnect connection

Follow the steps in the figure below, where the IP address bar has two connections. The first one, if CGDI and EasyConnect are installed on the same computer, IP input local return address  Second: If not installed 2 software on the same computer, you need to enter the IP address of the computer where the CGDI software is installed according to the second point in the first chapter “Attention”. For example, the IP address of the computer where the CGDI software is installed is



The following figure shows the connection success diagram.

Pic. 1 shows the IP address when install CGDI and ICOM software on the same computer


Pic 2. shows the IP address when install CGDI and EasyConnect software on different laptops


ISTA connection interface


The ISTA+ interface will be loaded soon.


If it is a E-chassis BMW, there is only one connection type (ICOM connection). Double click to connect.


If it is a F-chassis BMW, there will be 2 connection options. Recommend to select ENET type with shown vehicle VIN and disable another one.


Vehicle identification


If ISTA software cannot open and pop up PAD active error. The error may caused by the network. Disable ICOM function and connect a better/stable network (i.e mobile phone hotspot).  Then run program again.


E_sys software connection

Open E-sys software, press connection icon on the toolbar.  Require to input the IP address of the computer where you installed CGDI software.  the port number is fixed at 6801. For example, the IP address of the machine is, so change the IP address into tcp://


Connection is built


If there us a E-sys connection check failed error, turn off the ICOM function, disable E-sys connection. Run ICOM function and connect E-sys again.


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