How to update CD30 to CD30MP3 with GM Tech2 diagnostic scanner


Here is an example of decoding or deactivating Opel/ Vauxhall Radio CD30MP3 with Tech2 diagnostic scan tool step-by- step.


GM Tech2 diagnostic scan tool

TIS2000 CD software and USB key


Install and setup Tech2 scanner and TIS2000 software CD

Connect Tech2 main unit with vehicle via OBD socket

Come to Main Menu, select F0: Vehicle Diagnose (Fahrzeug diagnose)


Select vehicle year: 2004

Select vehicle model: Astra-H

Select F5: Information system

Select EHU (Entertainment Head Unit)

Follow the system notice

Select F5: Programming

Select F5: Programming Audio Index

The Tech2 scanner system then will display Audio index and Audio version information, manually enter the index code

Programming complete, test the radio system on your vehicle

Back to the main menu, exit and disconnect the Tech2 scan tool

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