Month: March 2020


V2020.02 OBDSTAR serial tool add new cars

February 2020 OBDSTAR Tool Update Detail : IMMO Ford 1. Updated French and Spanish 2. Increased Vietnamese and Hebrew 3. Optimized Escort 2017-2018 blade key programming 4. Optimized Ecosport 2018-2019 blade key and smart key programming 5. Optimized ESCAPE 2016-2018, KUGA 2017- smart key programming 6. Optimized FOCUS 2015-2018, KUGA


How To Enable BMW F3xF8x Adaptive LED Headlights GFHB Function

1 Glare-Free High Beam: What Is It? Glare-free high beam [GFHB] is a camera-driven dynamic lighting control strategy that selectively shades spots and slices out of the high beam pattern to protect other road users from glare, while always providing the driver with maximum seeing range. The area surrounding other


Nissan Airbag Sensor Unit & OCS Control Unit Reprogram by Bosch MTS6513

This is a guide on how to use Bosch MTS6513 to reprogram Nissan Campaign R1608.This procedure is an alternative method to perform reprogramming for campaign R1608. The primary reprograming method is using CONSULT-III plus. DO NOT perform the steps in the following pages if the procedures using Consult-III Plus have already


Free Renault CAN CLIP Software V193, V191, V190 All Version Download

Free download crack CAN CLIP Renault software V193 (newest), V191, V190 and more versions depends on your need here. 1.Renault CAN Clip V193 Crack link: Password: 2m3cjk Size: 2.79GB You are at your risk! Note: It is recommended to scan WeChat QR code to download. O.S: Win7/8/10 Multi-Language: English,


Autel IM608 Program VW Golf 5 Megamos 48 Key

Autel MaxiIM IM608 is the most advanced and the unique all in one key programming and diagnostic tool that combines advanced key programming, all systems diagnostics, and advanced services in one Android based 10.1-inch touchscreen tablet. It is equipped with XP400 key programmer and MaxiFlash ECU programmer to provide complete

Yanhua Digimaster 3

How to Fix White Screen on Yanhua Digimaster 3

Customer Problem: I used Digimaster3 for my Lexus, but when I select “Lexus”, there was nothing appeared. engineer replied: Please delete DEVI file, and update again. Here are the related steps below: In the state of shutdown, at the same time press “1” and keyboard keys, and then boot,


Best Tool for Fiat Key Programming and PIN Code Reading

There are several tools that get the pin code and program a new key for Fiat. TMPro2, Tango, AVDI, Lonsdor, OBDSTAR, XTOOL, Autel, so many tool. Which one is the best? Some will read BCM Pin Code by OBD. For example,  advanced diagnostics tool will do most by obd. Most


How to reset 2005 Nissan Pathfinder EML engine dash light ON

Car model and year: 2005 Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 T-Spec Symptom: I’ve always had one kicking about to do the EML engine dash light to find basic errors. But was asked to help clear a DPF flashing light on a family members Mazda5….. Took it up the road, ragged in 3rd


How to Do Online Coding on Mercedes W205 with Vxdiag Benz C6 DOIP/ MB STAR C4 C5?

How to Do Online Coding on Mercedes W205 with VXDIAG Benz C6 DoIP/ MB Star C4 C5? Note: If you want to support online programming,you must have an account online. Communication with control unit ‘N3/10 -Motor electronics ‘MED40’ for combustion engine ‘M274′(ME)’ is being established. Version information. Error codes. Actual values.


Alldata 10.53 Crack Software Support Car List

Alldata 10.53 crack software includes 2014 Mitchell and Ondemand5. It is auto repair maintenance manual. Alldata 10.53 support cars from 1982 to 2014. OBD2TOOL would like to share the detailed models list for you. Alldata 10.53 Crack Software Overview: Software Version: 2014 OS Requirement: WinXP Language: EN (USA) Crack/SN: Crack