how to match B2206 chassis number for Mitsubishi 2009 by Launch x431


This article show a guide on how to match B2206 chassis number for Mitsubishi 2009.I will write up by text and pictures at first part,and And for more Mitsubishi repair,please check: Mitsubishi Trouble Repair.

Mitsubishi 2009 B2206 Chassis Number Matching

Connect the Launch X431 Scan Tools v8 to vehicle,then enter the system to select “MITSUBISHI V32.00”

Note:The software can diagnose the elec,control sys of MITSUBISHI,include ENGINE/AT/ABS/SRS and other parts.The function is the same as the original scan tool.


Initializing communication,please wait…

Scanning VIN…

Communicating,please wait…

Searching VIN…

It prompts that the matched VIN(S) can’t be found select ok


Select “As of 2006”

Select “Other”


Select “2009”

Select “CW5W”

Select “XTSHZL1C”

It prompts the vehicle information,select “ok”


Select “Health Report”

Select “Fault report”,it prompt that the B2206 Chassis number error was mismatch


Initializing communication,please wait…

Then the system will prompt the ECU information,select ok

Select “Version Information”

Reading ECU information…

It prompts that the ECU information,select ok

Processing,please wait…

Select “IMMOBI & Keyless”

It prompts that the ECU information as below,select ok

ECU info:

ECU ID:04640050

Please write down the information or print this page for consultation in aftersales service center.

Select “Version Information”

Reading ECU information…

It prompts that the ECU information ,select ok

Select “Special Function”

Please pay more attention to the Hints as below,select yes.


Note:because it needs the professional knowledge for registration,so when you select,delete or reset the item related with the security key,please pay attention to the selected item an execution.


It prompt”Are you sure to operform this function?”

Select “Yes”

It prompts that the key code registered to the engine ECU,select “OK”

It prompts that the key registration is completed,select “OK”

Then input the VIN,select ok

It prompts that the VIN has write successfully,select “OK”

Then it prompts that the current chassis number,select “OK”

Processing,please wait…

Return to select clear fault memory,select “ok”

Please stop the engine and turn the ignition switch on select “ok”

It prompts that clear fault memory has completed

Select “Read Fault Code”

It prompts that no diagnostic trouble code.

Please set the ignition switch to off and log out


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