OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Programs Remotes for KIA Forte 2011

obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-01 (2)

How to program remote keys for KIA Forte 2011 with OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS? The job can be done just in minutes. Let’s see what we need to do.

Step 1:
Open Mobile Keydiy (KD) app installed on your phone and run it to generate a remote (Make sure the Bluetooth in your phone is on).
obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-01 (2)

obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-05 (2)

obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-06 (2)

obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-07 (2)

Step 2:
Press DP on the device screen.
obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-08 (2)

Step 3:
Select Diag Program -> MMOBILISER -> KIA.
obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-09 (2)

obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-10 (2)

Step 4:
Choose your car’s version, then wait a few seconds.
obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-11 (2)

Step 5:
You’ll go to an interface as below. Choose Select From Type -> Remote -> 16 PIN -> Type1 -> Program Remotes, then wait it communicating.
obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-12 (2)

obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-13 (2)

Step 6:
Insert the key to switch the ignition on. After that, immediately switch the ignition off and remove the key. Press Enter to continue.
obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-14 (2)

obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-15 (2)

Step 7:
Press the Lock/Unlock button on the key for more than 1 second.
obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-16 (2)

Step 8:
Program succeed! Press Enter to continue if you want to program one more remote.
obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-17 (2)

Step 9:
Repeat step 7 with another key and all is done!
obdstar-x300-dp-plus-programs-remotes-for-kia-forte-18 (2)

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