Nissan Consult 3 Plus Diagnos Read DTCs for Infiniti FX3545 2003

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-1 (3)

This article show a guide on how to use Nissan Consult 3 Plus to diagnose/read trouble codes for Infiniti FX35/FX45 2003.

Diagnosis Procedures:

1.Open “CONSULTIII” on the desktop.

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-1 (3)

2.A window pops up reading “There is no registered VI/MI. Please contact your administrator.” Click “OK”.

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-2 (3)

3.Click “Sub mode”

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-3 (3)

4.Click “Administrator Menu” on the left menu list.

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-4 (3)

5.Please input password… “nissanconsult3”, then click “OK”.

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-5 (3)

6.Click “VIMI Registration”

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-6 (3)

7.Input “VI serial Number” and then click “Set”.

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-7 (3)

8.You can see the VI serial number under “VI list”

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-8 (3)

9.Detected VI list, click “Connect”.

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-9 (3)

10.Checking the firmware version.

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-10 (3)

11.Select Vehicle Name and Model Year, then click “Select”.

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-11 (3)

12.Click “Confirm” to confirm the information: Market Code, Area Code, Country Code, Vehicle Name and Model Year.

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-12 (3)

13.Select System.

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-13 (3)

14.Select Diagnosis

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-14 (3)

15.Read out trouble codes.

Now it show the diagnostic trouble code as below,and you need to check the problem according to the DTCs,after then clear them.

Nissan-Consult-3-Plus-Diagnos-Read-DTCs-for-Infiniti-FX3545-2003-15 (3)

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