Diagnose Honda XR-V using Launch ThinkCar 2 (ThinkDriver) + APP

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Car model and year:

2016 Honda XR-V

Malfunctions and Symptom:

Unstable idling

Weak acceleration

Engine shaking

Check engine light is on

Honda diagnostic scanner to use:

Launch ThinkCar 2 (same as ThinkDriver) which is customized by Obd2tool.com.

(To learn: Launch ThinkCar 2 vs. ThinkDriver)

Here we go for procedure:

Plug the LaunchThinkCar 2adapter into the obd2 port of XR-V.
In most cars located inside your car under the steering wheel or around the footwell area.

launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-01 (2)

Power on the car so that it starts open.
launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-02 (2)

Open ThinkCar 2and select ALL system diagnostic.
launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-03 (2)

ThinkCar 2will begin to read and decode the vehicles identification number (VIN) automatically, verify the year, brand and model (2016 Honda XR-V), click on “Ok”.
launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-04 (2)
launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-05 (2)

Next, we will enter the diagnostic interface, select “Health Report”.
launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-06 (2)

The ThinkCar 2 will begin to scan the vehicle and produce the a file code, tell you the problem and identify it. In our case the PGM, ABS, EPS and EPB show their normal,
launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-07 (2)
launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-08 (2)

We will read and clear the fault code, the fault code is P0353, which means NO.3 Cylinder ignition coil circuit malfunction.
launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-09 (2)
launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-10 (2)

Now we have correctly diagnosed 2016 Honda XR-V, we will move on to the repair side of it.
How do we fix it, very simple, open the hood and replace the ignition coil on the cylinder No.3.

launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-11 (2)
launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-12 (2)
launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-13 (2)

Then clear the fault code with ThinkCar 2(ThinkDriver).
launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-14 (2)

Once it’s done, let’s check the health report again to verify the code has been cleared. No fault code this time.
launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-15 (2)
launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-16 (2)

Well done! problem is fixed!

launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-17 (2)

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