JEEP Compass 2018 Key Programming by OBDSTAR Key Master Plus

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-17 (2)

Recently,OBDSTAR Tech team test Jeep Compass 2018 key programming by OBDSTAR X300 Key Master Plus.So here show the procedures,hope it helps!

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-1 (2)


Connect OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus(Key Master Plus) to JEEP Compass 2018 OBD port

Enter menu to select “CHERYSLER/DODGE/JEEP”,then select “Enter” to continue

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-2 (2)

Select “JEEP”

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-3 (2)

And region select “USA-CANADA”

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-4 (2)


JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-5 (2)

PROXIMITY,and enter to continue

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-6 (2)

Program Keys

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-7 (2)

Select “Read PinCode”

This function is available by connecting the server,please ensure the internet connection is normal.

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-8 (2)

Switch ignition off,press emergency flasher switch

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-9 (2)

Pin code read successfully

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-10 (2)

Back to press “Key Quantity” to check key number

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-11 (2)

Switch ignition off,Press emergency flasher switch

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-12 (2)

It show you the key number

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-13 (2)

Back menu to erase key,and follow X300 DP Plus to erase keys.

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-14 (2)

When it come to this step:

Put the smart key to be added in the central control position,press and release the unlick key once within 30 seconds.

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-15 (2)

Press and release again the unlock button once within 30 seconds

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-16 (2)

Now a key have been added sussessfully

JEEP-Compass-2018-Key-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-Key-Master-Plus-17 (2)

And you can back to menu to press “Program Keys” to program next key.

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