Correct mileage on 2014 BMW F10 with 160DOWT and 95320WT eeproms


Looking for a tool to correct the mileage on a 2014 BMW F10 with 160DOWT and 95320WT eeproms.

Correct mileage on 2014 BMW F10 with 160DOWT and 95320WT eeproms

Mileage Programming Tool confirmed:

1. CGDI pro cheaper option

Images: BMW 160DOWT mileage correction by CGPROG + 35080 adapter + DB25 adapter

Correct-mileage-on-2014-BMW-F10-with-160DOWT-and-95320WT-eeproms-1 Correct-mileage-on-2014-BMW-F10-with-160DOWT-and-95320WT-eeproms-2





2. Change the chip and vvdi pro : confirmed
I have VVDI prog and tested the 35160 xhorse chips. THEY WORK LIKE A CHARM.

3. Hextag: confirmed
It is possible to use Hextag to change milage on 160D0WT. you must use the chip emulator.

One user feedback: I buy new eeprom and I read original dump, next change mileage and write to new eeprom. Reset in FEM module. Mileage is new value on FEM and Kombi but I have Red Dot. The solution is to use the chip emulator. However, everything has been changed to the original memory and he used Xhorse VVDI

4. DigiProg 4 one min job, and also Dashcoder4 make a good job.

If you want to learn more about Xhorse tool,  please visit our website

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