2005 Chrysler SRT6 ABS Bleeding by DBR3

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-02 (2)

My Micropod 2 and DRB III Emulator Software works fine to Perform selected ABS functions on my 2005 SRT6. obd2tool.com is where a few of us have bought one and it worked.

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-01 (2)


OS: XP, WIN7 32bit (someone tested Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) works just fine).

I followed this instruction to install DRBIII Emulator for Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 on Windows 7 Pro 32bit and it worked perfectly:

Using the DRB III Enhanced Emulator for Crossfire ABS System

I put together these images showing the Chrysler Diagnostic Tool DRB III emulator capabilities for the ABS system. There are seven additional systems listed on the menu, but I haven’t had a chance to go through and document the emulator capabilities for them all.

Starting the Emulator

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-02 (2)
Choose Standalone Mode.

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-03 (2)

Choose 1998-2010

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-04 (2)

Choose 2004-2008 Crossfire

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-05 (2)

Choose Anti-lock Brakes

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-06 (2)

This Module is Displayed – Press ENTER

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-07 (2)

Select System Tests

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-08 (2)

Available options under System Tests

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-09 (2)

Select DTC Functions

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-10 (2)

Available options under DTC Systems

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-11 (2)

Choose Module Display

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-12 (2)

This Module is Displayed

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-13 (2)

Select Sensor Display

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-14 (2)

Available options under Sensor Display

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-15 (2)

Select Input/Output Display

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-16 (2)

Available options under Input/Output Display

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-17 (2)

Monitor display is not available

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-18 (2)
Select Custom Display

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-19 (2)

Available options under Custom Display

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-20 (2)

Actuator Tests is not available

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-21 (2)

Select Miscellaneous Functions

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-22 (2)

Available options under Miscellaneous Functions

dbr-iii-emulator-2005-chrysler-srt6-abs-bleeding-23 (2)


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