Month: July 2021


How to use Autel IM508 and XP400 Pro to do FRM Repair

Confirmed: Autel IM508 and XP400 Pro can do FRM Repair. Here we go for step-by-step procedure. Tap “Programmer”. It says “Programmer is disconnected! Please connect the programmer first and click [OK].”, tap “Ok”. Tap “Chip (EEPROM, MCU, ECU)”. Tap “Chip read & write”. Tap “Other”. Tap “BMW”. Tap “E-series ->RFM ->XEQ384


X-431 PAD VII Diagnostic Tool

The Launch Tech X-431 PAD VII Diagnostic Tool features a 13.3″ touchscreen, 32 service functions, and Smartlink remote diagnosis. The outer shell is designed to withstand workshop hazards such as water and dust damage and is in compliance with IP65. The X-431 PAD VII uses a high-capacity and high power


NCS Expert coding detailed how-to guide – E46

This is, hopefully, the most complete how-to guide for using NCS Expert to code a BMW. I am by no means an expert, but I have recently got the BMW Diagnostic Software & a cable to code on my E46, and I struggled for quite some time on finding a really

Bind-Launch-X431-Tsgun-Wand-With-X431-Scanner-1 (2)

How to Bind Launch X431 TSGUN WAND with X431 Scanner

Launch X431 TSGUN WAND is a Bluetooth TPMS service tool which supports tire pressure sensor activation, reading, diagnosis, relearn and programming. It should work together with X431 scanner such as X431 V, X431 V+, X431 Pro, X431 Pro3, X431 Pro5, X431 pro mini, X431 PAD III, X431 PAD V. What is

Piwis 3 Software Latest Version V40.400 Update

Porsche piwis 3 software latest version V40.400 just released,  256G SSD software comes with dual system  V38.200 + V40.400, supports diagnosis and programming for all Porsche vehicles till 2021. Software installed at Lenovo Yoga I5 8G touch screen laptop , ready to use. Piwis 3 Software Latest Version Overviw *  


The Power of CONSULT-iii Plus

Nissan has developed the next generation of its CONSULT scan tools to work with its next generation of vehicles.  For model year 2011 and beyond, the CONSULT-III plus will be necessary for diagnosis. Nissan’s CONSULT-III plus is the next generation factory scan tool. It combines the advanced control features of

Program-Land-rover-2015-2018-Smart-Key-with-Xtool-X100-PAD2-19 (2)

Program Land rover 2015-2018 Smart Key with Xtool X100 PAD2

Xtool tablets released new upgrade adding 2015-2018 Jaguar/Land Rover all smart keys lost/add key via OBD bypass PIN code in July 2021. Here is a demo guide on adding a spare smart key with XTOOL X100 Pad2. All keys lost is similar to add key procedure. Same update goes to


Successful Control Module Programming

It’s becoming second nature for many repairs — reprogramming vehicle control modules with updated calibration files using the Service Programming System (SPS). (Fig. 12) The calibration files contain the data that manage vehicle control functions. The programming process uses Pass-Thru Programming through the Multiple Diagnostic Interface tool (MDI/MDI 2). But