Launch X431 PAD VII Failed to Add BMW F30 CAS4 Key Solution


I got the X-PROG3 immo add-on programmer for Launch X431 Pad VII. Pad 7 failed to add key on my BMW 2013 F30 320D CAS4.

Error: Current ECU software not supported.

Current IMMO type is not supported.
Launch-X431-PAD-VII-Failed-to-Add-BMW-F30-CAS4-Key-Solution-1 (2)
Launch-X431-PAD-VII-Failed-to-Add-BMW-F30-CAS4-Key-Solution-2 (2)
Launch-X431-PAD-VII-Failed-to-Add-BMW-F30-CAS4-Key-Solution-3 (2)


XPROG3 IMMO function is done via Service Function- Immobilizer Reset.

You have selected the wrong menu. BMW CAS key cannot be programmed via BMW anti-theft system menu.

Launch-X431-PAD-VII-Failed-to-Add-BMW-F30-CAS4-Key-Solution-4 (2)

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