Xhorse Dolphin XP005 & XC Mini Cut and Decode Residential Keys with M4 Clamp

xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-01 (2)

How to cut SC1, KW1 & BEST A Keys using Xhorse Dolphin XP005 & Mini Condor with M4 Clamp (Good to know: M4 clamp is optional, not included in the package).

Please Note:

At the moment Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 and Condor Automatic Key Cutters “Do-not-cut Residential keys by-code” and we have instructed Xhorse on how to improve it. Updates COMMING SOON.

First slide on, tighten and install the M4 clamp.

xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-01 (2)

Prepare your current and blank residential keys, and locate the alignment shim.

xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-02 (2)
xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-03 (2)

On the Xhorse APP, with the machine paired, select “Universal Key Duplication”, :Standard Single Sided”, “Shoulder Align” and “M4 Clamp”.

xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-04 (2)xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-05 (2)
xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-06 (2)

Insert the key aligned by tip or shoulder stop to the location specified on the app.

xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-07 (2)
xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-08 (2)

First, connect to the OBD Port under the Steering column.

xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-09 (2)
xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-10 (2)

Once complete, remove original then replace and align blank as instructed.

Select “Continue” to begin cutting until complete.

xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-11 (2)
xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-12 (2)
M4 Clamp easily cuts and decodes SC1 and KW1 keyways.

xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-13 (2)
xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-14 (2)
xhorse-dolphin-xp005-xc-mini-cut-decode-residential-keys-15 (2)

Alright, waiting for Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 and Condor COMMING-SOON update on cutting Residential keys by-code.

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