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which tool support basic diagnosis and ECU programming for BMW

Topic: which tool support basic diagnosis and ECU programming for BMW? Have one blank ECU, and want to program it. engineer provided the suggestions: If you only want to read and write ECU, KESS V2, KTAG, CG FC200, VVDI2 are good choices. But they cannot diagnose. If you are doing ECU


How to use Autel IM608 or OBDSTAR to Program Chevy Silverado 2021 Key

Both Autel IM608 and OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus will do Chevy Silverado 2021 blade and smart keys. Autel IM508/IM608 does not have the 2021 Silverado in the coverage list. The list is not 100% correct. Autel adds new CAN FD models smart keys in July 2021. Yukon 2021 proximity Sierra


Ford F150 P0315 CKP Fault Code After Parameter Reset with IM608

Problem: 2014 Ford F-150. PCM was replaced. I did a parameter reset with autel im608 and the error codes will not clear for the following: P0315:00-AF – Crankshaft Position (CKP) system variation not learnt. P1639:00-2F – Vehicle ID Block Corrupted, not programmed. With the CKP I’m certain the repair shop


Autel J2534 driver for ECU programming Install Guidance

Autel J2534 driver installation instruction: – used for Autel ms908p, maxisys Elite, J2534 box – download and install Maxisys j2534 Drivers and Printing Software The PC drivers for the Autel j2534 and PC Link for wireless printing are included in the MaxiSys software suite available for download at: English Spanish

How to Register and Activate Autel MaxiIM IM508 IM608

Here will explain step by step how to register, activate and update your Autel MaxiIM IM508 or IM608 tablet. Step 1: Sign up with Email Enter email address to create account Send a verification E-mail to your address Retrieve the verification code from your e-mail Enter email, password and verification code


2 Steps to Start Autel Maxisys Ultra Scanner for Diagnosis

There are only 2 steps to connect with vehicle and get start using Autel Maxisys Ultra Scanner. It’s so easy to make it happen that we only need 3 tools: Ultra, VCMI, and Autel’s main cable V2.0. Step1. Connect VCMI to OBD2 1. Connect main cable V2.0(female adapter) to the


Autel CAN FD Adapter Program Chevrolet Onix 2021 all keys lost with IM608 successfully.

Autel CAN FD Adapter can expand the support of the CAN FD protocol to specifically support the diagnosis of some new models. Such as 2020+ GM models, 2018- Ford models. The CAN FD Adapter must be used with a supported Autel VCI(vehicle communication interface) to communicate with applicable vehicles. Program


Hyundai Santa FE 2010 AKL Programming by Autel IM608 Success

This is a successful demonstration on how to add two new keys for Hyundai Santa FE 2010 by Autel IM608 when all keys lost. Let’s start it from the key decoding. Tools: LISHI Decoder Autel MaxiIM IM608 Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 key cutting machine MINI Key Tool XSKF01EN smart key Step 1.

Autel IM508 Adds 2018-2021 Toyota Fortuner 8A Blade Key

Here’s the guide on adding blade chip key ID8A 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Toyota Fortuner by Autel MaxiIM IM508. Note: add key only. 8A blade key all keys lost requires 8A adapter.  Smart key all keys lost requires 12-digit PIN. Let’s get started. Go to IMMO function- Toyota- Automatic