CAT Caterpillar ET 2018A is an updated version of the delaer level program for the diagnosis of all equipment Caterpillar Fully Installed on a Panasonic Toughbook.
This program works with the dealer diagnostic scanner Caterpillar Communication Adapter, as well as other adapters for diagnostics including scanner Nexiq,
the program provides the full information when troubleshooting.
When you purchase a program Cat ET (Caterpillar ET) 2017A once you get detailed and clear instructions on how to activate it.
This diagnostic app allows you to:

View active and logged diagnostics.
View events where irregularities occurred and were logged by the ECM.
View the status of a group of parameters (temperatures, pressures, etc.) simultaneously.
Record and log performance data.
Graph a group of status parameters.
View the current configuration of an ECM.
Change ECM configurations.
Perform diagnostic tests.
Perform calibrations.
Print reports and diagnostic results.

CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter from retrieve engine totals for fuel used, miles traveled, and hours Operated. It can display status of all parameters, such as engine speed, Throttle position, timing advance, fuel flow, etc.
CAT ET functions:
1.Display “Logged Event Codes” to show engine over speeds,High temperatures, fuel consumption, etc.
2.View ECM’s current configuration and change user settings
3.Perform diagnostic tests and calibrations, and calibrate
4.Electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic components
5.Context sensitive help leads operator through every task Cat ET can perform
6.Data Logger and Data Log Viewer allows recording of ECM signals for delayed troubleshooting capability.

Functionalities Shows all operating conditions that cause high repair costs such as:
Over speeds, high temperatures, fuel consumption, transmission shift counts. This can provide awareness to change operator

Cat “ET Trainer” is now included in ET Program. It allows Users to train and practice using Cat ET without a Communications adapter or Electronic Control Module (ECM).This is a free feature of Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tool Cat ET.

1.ECM Summary screen lists every control module on equipment
2.Being tested and gives information on these modules.
3.Fast hookup and real time display of systems status. Displays ,readings such as rpm, boost, pressures, temperatures, etc. for Easy troubleshooting.
4.Identifies faulty sensors, harness connectors, and system parameters which are out of specification. Allows customers
5.To help dealer identify problems without visiting machine.
6.Identifies intermittent sensors and wiring problems during Machine operation and keeps a record of each one. Showswhen problem occurred and how often it happened.
7.Added information to allow customer to assist dealer in diagnosing and repairing problems. (Troubeshooting Help is not built in with in the program, you will still need go back to books in order to follow a repair description and steps in each Fault Code display within the program).English and metric units of measure integrated help file to easy learn the “How To” around the software.

Original Caterpillar ET3 Compare With OEM Adpater III

Original Factory Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III Compare With OEM Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adpater III
1. Original Factory CAT ET can use once pluged, no need install the USB drive, the software can automatic realize it for ET3 Adapter, and the machine can automatic weld the high quality Circuit board, quality will be more reliable.

2. The Heavy Duty Truck diagnostic Scanner OEM Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter III need use USB Drive to install, and need choose the COM Port, and  in the software ET also need choose ET2 then can be used.


cat-et-5 cat-et-6


Why CAR FANS C800 is worth to buy?

CAR FANS C800 is the latest portable intelligent diesel fault diagnosis instrument developed by domestic top-level automotive diagnostic technology experts. It integrates many advanced technologies at home and abroad. It has fast and stable system, simple interface operation, intelligent and leading. The professional diesel diagnostic model covers many other features.

1. Top R&D team
Product development team works for many years in the diagnostic industry, especially in the field of diesel diagnostics

2. The product is stable and fast
Adopt professional mainstream minimalist design, stable operation, simple operation and fast speed

3. High vehicle coverage
Covers domestic and international mainstream diesel models and provides professional diesel diagnostic services

Product Details:

Diagnostic Host Connector Wire Diagnostic Software Product Service
Professional design Professional connector Professional diagnostic software Professional product service
High-profile value Adapted to mainstream diesel models at home and abroad Extremely high coverage Full product warranty
Stable and reliable Professional jumper Powerful software Free lifetime upgrade for customers’
Fast running speed, high quality wire, easy to operate

Product host:


The OBD-II scan tool CF C800 Smart Diesel Diagnostics is a calm atmosphere, combined with an advanced ergonomic design, and a high-definition, easy-to-operate, touch-screen large screen that allows you to easily use the fast and flexible operation of the Fengzhi for diagnostics.

1. Professional design
Ergonomic design: in line with the various use scenarios of service technicians, easy to hold
Easy to operate: Reasonable size design, easy to operate with one hand or both hands

2. Very high value
Calm atmosphere: high-force appearance, the industry’s thinnest
True color big screen: 7 inch true color touch big screen.

Diagnostic connector:


The CF C800 Smart Diesel Diagnostics comes standard with up to 14 professional diesel diagnostic connectors, covering both domestic and international mainstream diesel models, with 12 diesel connectors and matching to mainstream diesel models.

Special diesel diagnostic connector: 14 standard, 12 optional
Dedicated multi-function __ to solve extreme profile joints
Real-time diagnosis of new diagnostic connectors based on user feedback and market model changes



The Heavy Duty Truck diagnostic Scanner CF C800 intelligent diesel diagnostic instrument is equipped with intelligent operation software based on professional and high-quality hardware. It is equipped with professional and high-coverage diagnostic functions. Based on the functions of the original diagnostic tools, it is fully optimized and reluctant to diesel. The vehicle’s comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, some of which are based on advanced technology accumulated by the R&D team for many years, are superior to other similar diagnostic products in the industry, and even better than the original factory. The main diagnostic functions include reading version information, reading/clearing fault codes, data streams, and actions. Testing, advanced features (special features, matching iS settings, functional tests, diesel calibration). You can provide customers with more comprehensive and professional and efficient diagnostic services without relying on the original diagnostic equipment.

1. The operation interface is simple and easy to understand.
2. Model classification, easy to locate and diagnose vehicles
3. Professional electronic control system, directly according to the electronic control system, professional and fast

Diagnostic software features:

Professional diesel diagnosis
>Read version information
>Read fault code
>clear trouble code
>Read data stream
>Action test
>Advanced features
>function test
>special function
>Advanced function calibration

1. High quality hardware
The C800 equipment mainframe, wire and special diagnostic joints are all made of high quality and excellent performance materials, and the quality standards are obviously higher than the industry competitors.

2. Extremely high vehicle coverage
Extremely high diesel vehicle coverage, the C800 also has a large number of current industry exclusive vehicle system coverage.

3. More than just a diagnostic instrument
The C800 is not only a smart diesel diagnostic instrument, but a new set of ‘complete diesel diagnostics industry solutions that not only help customers find vehicle problems, but also provide comprehensive product and vehicle maintenance training to help customers solve difficult problems.


2017A Version CAT3 Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Tool Installation and Activation

2017A Version CAT3 Caterpillar ET Diagnostic tool installation

1. Open the CD,run Cat ET 2017A V1.0.exe,as picture:


2. Install software


3. Choose next


4. Choose I accept the terms in the license agreement.Then click next


5. Install




7.There will be an icon on your computer desktop.


2017A Version CAT3 Caterpillar ET software activation

1. You have to activate it after installing the software.

You must have an Keygen to activate it as picture shows:



2. Activation step as below:

2.1Copy  Comet、CometDLL files in crack to cat installation catalog C:program Files(x86)/common Files/Offboard Information Products/2017A/Comet to replace original files.As picture shows:


37-12 37-13

2.2Copy CometDLL、FlashServer files in crack to cat installation catalog C:program Files(x86)/common Files/Offboard Information Products/2017A/Flash to replace original files,as below:



2.3 Enter my computer,right click on properties-Advanced system settings – Advanced – Environment Variables –  System Variables- Creat Variable value-new

Put in:


Variable value:C:\flexlm\license.dat


As picture shows:




2.4 Creat a new folder in Disk C:FlexLM


2.5 Open NetworkSISID,get Serial ID



2.6 Open Keygen,put in Serial ID into host ID,run cat 2017A software in desktop,it will pop-up dialogue box and show License,put ID and license code into keygen,then set the ending time to 2035 year(No change in months).Click generate and show the activation code and it will creat a new license.dat file.



2.7 Put license.dat to catalog C:FlexLM.Then enter the activation code in the dialog box to confirm and complete the activation.

If you can’t still operate it,please click here to watch our video or contact

Caterpillar ET 2018A Electronic Technician Diagnostic Software

Cat electronic technician 2018A is an updated version of the caterpillar dealer diagnostic software.

Cat works with the Caterpillar Communication Adapters family.
The recommended adapter is a Caterpillar Communication Adapter III Kit PN 538-5051 (Replaces 466-6258).
This diagnostic app allows you to: Change vehicle’s parameters Lock / Unlock parameters Diagnose and reconfigure Reading of error codes ECM Flash

What’s New – 2018A

Trainer Update – 988K XE Wheel Loader

The 988K XE Wheel Loader has been added to the Trainer application.

What’s New – 2017C

Preferences Option to Save a Product Status Report to PDF

The Preferences dialog for the Product Status Report has changed. The Cat ET contains a new checkbox to automatically save a Product Status Report as a PDF file when the report is created. The service tool will continue to automatically save Product Status Reports as an XML file.

What’s New – 2017B

Product Status Report Updates
The Product Status Report has been updated to include certain history features supported by the ECM, such as the after-treatment Regeneration History and the Service Test History.

Winflash Screen Update
The screen for the Winflash feature has been updated. A new Expand All button opens all sections of the screen to show all details for ECMs detected by WinFlash. A new Collapse All button hides all sections of the screen, except for header rows showing detected ECM names. PC, Communication Hardware, and Cable Requirements

To run the service tool, the next PC, communication hardware, and cable requirements must be met. NOTE: The minimum PC Configurations should not be used as a standard when buying new personal computers for service tool purposes. If the existing equipment meets these minimum requirements, it will run the service tool.
PC Requirements
Recommended Configurations

PC containing a 2.0 GHz dual-core processor
3GB of available hard disk drive
DVD-ROM drive (optionally)
15.4-inch XGA Screen (1280×1024 compatible)
Microsoft Windows? 7 Professional or Windows 8 Professional, Windows 10 Professional (Not tested with Home Edition) (Note: Windows 8 RT is not supported)
RS232 port with 16550AF UART or compatible (for use with Comm Adapter II)
USB 1.1 or 2.0 port (for use with Comm Adapter 3)
Ethernet RJ45 connector
Built-in pointing device or mouse
For security purposes, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 or newer or Microsoft Edge is recommended.
Note: The most recent version of Microsoft? Internet Explorer may not be validated to work with the service tool.
Wi-Fi (for the Wireless Comm Adapter 3)
Minimum Configurations

PC containing a Pentium 2 GHz processor or greater
500MB of available hard disk drive
CD-ROM drive
Super VGA monitor or display (1024×768)
Microsoft Windows? 7 Professional or Windows 8 Professional, Windows 10 Professional (Not tested with Home Edition) (Note: Windows 8 RT is not supported)
RS232 port with 16550AF UART or compatible (for use with Comm Adapter II)
USB 1.1 or 2.0 port (for use with Comm Adapter 3)
Ethernet RJ45 connector
Built-in pointing device or mouse
For security purposes, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 or newer is recommended. Note: The most recent version of Microsoft? Internet Explorer may not be validated to work with the service tool.
Communication Hardware

Cat Communication Adapter III Kit PN 538-5051 (Replaces 466-6258)

Configuring Cat Electronic Technician to use the Communication Adapter 3
For Cat Electronic Technician to work with the Communication Adapter 3, the settings must be changed to select the Communication Adapter 3 as the Communication Interface Device:
Step 1 Start Cat Electronic Technician.
Step 2 Click the Stop Connect button when it appears.
Step 3 Select the Utilities menu.
Step 4 Choose “Preferences > Modify…”.
Step 5 Select the Communications tab.
Step 6 Select Cat Comm Adapter 3 (RP1210) and click OK.
NOTE: Because a growing number of products require multiple data link service, the “Enable Dual Datalink Service” checkbox has been pre-selected.
Servicing ECMs on more than one data link requires this checkbox to be enabled.
Failure to do this will result in undetected ECMs and reduced functionality.

Screenshots for Caterpillar ET 2018A Electronic Technician Diagnostic Software:

51-1 51-2 51-3

What you should pay attention about NEXIQ-2

The NEXIQ 2, the next generation vehicle interface from NEXIQ Technologies, has arrived. Dependable and rugged, the new NEXIQ-2 is five times faster than its predecessor. It has sixteen times more random access memory than the old USB-Link, and it supports heavier bus loads on simultaneous channels . It contain bluetooth version and the one without bluetooth .
The Bluetooth version supports wireless communication via an enhanced data rate (500K b/s J1939). For even more reliability, we’ve upgraded the USB connector to a more robust, automotive grade connector with a latching mechanism. The USB-Link 2 is compatible with a wide range of OEM software applications.

The Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tools USB-Link 2 is compatible with a wide range of OEM software applications. It has sixteen times more random access memory than the old USB-Link, and it supports heavier bus loads on simultaneous channels.

What you should pay attention something as bellow :
1.NEXIQ USB Link 2 Can Not Be Updated, Otherwise, The Multiplexer Will Be Damaged
2. For Volvo, Hino, Cat and Nissan software, please install them on Windows XP only, other vehicle software can be installed on Win 7
3. When you change time of your laptop, Cummins Inline software will get locked
4.Before install the Nexiq software CD, please reinstall your computer system first,otherwise the multiplexer will be damaged