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Launch X431 program Mitsubishi Outlander 09 all key lost

Our domestic engineer has hooked up the Launch X431 V(X431 Pro) to program Mitsubishi Outlander 2009 all key lost successfully. Yes, with Launch X431 scanner (many features/functions you have not found yet). The post is put just for education purpose. You are at your risk. Pre-programming cation: Unplug the little


Launch THINKDIAG vs. THINKPLUS has released a new Launch Thinkcar OBD2 full system auto diagnostic tool– Thinkplus. What’s the difference from ThinkDiag? What’s new of Thinkplus? Is it worth purchasing? Let’s start with the comparison. Part 1: Launch ThinkDiag vs. Thinkplus: In conclusion: Although Thinkdiag and thinkplus both support OBD2 diagnosis, but Thinkplus tends


Launch X431 Pros Mini activates 2018 Porsche 991.2 Aux input

How to use Launch X431 proS mini to activate the PCM Aux input on 2018 Porsche 991.2 ? Car model and year: 2018 Porsche 991.2 Purpose: activate the PCM Aux input Porsche diagnostic scanner: with Launch X431 V+ Pros Mini was able to activate the Aux setting without any problems. Look


Launch X431 Airbag Module Programming for Ford Focus 2013

It requires you to reprogram airbag module when you finishing airbag module replacement.So here i will show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to reprogram airbag module for Ford Focus 2013.More about Ford repair please check here:Ford Focus Trouble Repair What You Need? Launch X431 V+ pro3 Test prerequisites


Launch X431 iDiag iCarScan & VPECKER Esaydiag Review

Today, I have tested and compared Vpecker easydiag wifi tool and Launch icarscan (iDiag’s replacement) on several models. Just share my results with all here. Tested tool: VPECKER Esaydiag Launch X431 iCarScan (sometimes i called it iDiag also) Tested model: Mazda 6 GH 2.0 diesel 2008 Toyota, Honda, Scion Tested results:


How to Perform PAM Reset on 2014 RANGE ROVER with Launch X431 product?

Module:2014 RANGE ROVER,VIN:SALGV2EF3EA14****; Function:After replacing PAM or its parts. Product:Launch LAUNCH X431 V/LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO3   Operation: Choose “PAM”; Choose “Special function”; Choose “PAM reset”; Read all prompt; Switch on the ignition; Shut down engine and make sure voltage about 12.5V; Turn off the ignition ; Switch on the


Launch X431 V Supported Language and vehicles

Newest Update Launch X431 V 8 inch, improve hardware and newly add more vehicles, with better features, work more faster. And it is stock in uk warehouse, free shipping via ups standard to EU country no tax, the delivery usually need 2-3 working days. Here lets us check the key

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LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN V USER MANUAL UPDATE, USING TIPS, VEHICLE COVERAGE, COMPARISON Launch x431 diagun V is the upgrade version of Diagun IV. It comes with full adapters, supports powerful diagnostic function and 11 kinds of special functions for up to 94 car brands. This article will show the related


2009 Land Rover Discovery 3 ABS Steering Angle Sensor Calibration Learning with launch X431 Diagnostic Tool

Tool:Launch X431 V,LAUNCH X431 V+,etc.  Module:2009 Land Rover Discovery 3,VIN:SALAN25489A50****; Function:When finding DTC in ABS steering angle or replaced some parts, need to use this function. Operation: Choose “Intelligent diagnostic”,confirm all the information. Choose “Quick test”; Choose “SASM”; Choose “Special function”; Choose “ABS Steering angle calibration”; Prompt: Make sure the


2014 Toyota“Fault Code”C1515 “Torque sensor zero adjustment is not complete” Operation method

Test car model: Function Instruction: EMPSECU、Steering wheel、Tilt the steering column.、The steering column gear assembly and so on, if replaced, the direction does not help. Instrument PS warning Light, X – 431 reads to the fault code C1515 – torque sensor zero adjustment unfinished – current – electronic auxiliary power steering