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2012 air conditioner system Long coding function by Launch X431

2012 air conditioner system Long coding function by Launch X431 Tiguan,2012,VIN=LSVUL25N5C21***** Need do long coding function if occurring situation as follow: 1.Is similar to the control unit coding errors and version information for all the long code value is 0; 2.Replace the new module of electronic control unit. 1.Choose VW

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Launch X431 V+ troubleshoot Range Rover air suspension problem

Launch X431 V+ working wonders. Fantastic diagnostic machine. Working on a 2004 Range Rover with both front suspensions completely deflated, along with a electrical parasitic draw on the battery. My customer disconnected the battery every evening after work, with the rear suspension sensor broken the vehicle lost all data and couldn’t

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How to Reset Throttle Position with Launch X431 V V+

Throttle Position Relearn is an important function that must be performed each time the harness connector of the electric throttle control actuator or ECM is disconnected or electric throttle control actuator is cleaned. Check the step-by-step guide to finish the Throttle Position Relearn using Launch diagnostic tool like X431 Pro


2015 Jeep Tyre pressure sensor programming operation method by launch x431

【X431PRO Function】2015 Jeep Tyre pressure sensor programming operation method. Actual Car Model:Jeep,2015,VIN=1C4PJMCB2EW2*****,see pic1; Function Description: after changing tyre monitor sensor, The tire pressure monitoring is restudied. Note: Operation Instructions 1)Select Jeep software V30.21 above; 2)Select 16PIN connector; 3)Select manual selection; 4)Select Jeep; 5)Select 2014 (VIN 10th)(Actual 2015。); 6)Select Cherokee; 7)Select


Top 5 Launch X431 Diagnostic Tool Review 2020

Launch X431 Diagnotic Tool is one of best and professional car diagnostic tools in the automotive aftermarket. Launch X431 is aim to provide the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for auto diagnosis work. Launch X431 series diagnostic tool have full line device to meet different customer demand. Here we review


Peugeot 4008 Air Conditioning Actuator Programming by Launch X431

This instruction show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to program air conditioning system actuator for Peugeot 4008 2006.And for more Peugeot projects,please check here:Peugeot Trouble Repair. What You Need? Launch X431 PAD III Operations Procedures: 1) Use X431-PADIII,choose Peugeot->Auto search,choose “Yes” 2) Choose Fast test, begin to scan

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X431 Pro Mini Registering Verification Code Where to Find

Question: when I register Launch X431 pro mini, it displays “Please input the displayed image verification code”, I haven’t receive the verification in my email inbox, where to find it? X431 chief engineer replied: The machine is able to receive the verification code in the “Feedback”, please check the tablet

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Diagnose Honda XR-V using Launch ThinkCar 2 (ThinkDriver) + APP

Car model and year: 2016 Honda XR-V Malfunctions and Symptom: Unstable idling Weak acceleration Engine shaking Check engine light is on Honda diagnostic scanner to use: Launch ThinkCar 2 (same as ThinkDriver) which is customized by (To learn: Launch ThinkCar 2 vs. ThinkDriver) Here we go for procedure: Plug the

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Launch X431 program Mitsubishi Outlander 09 all key lost

Our domestic engineer has hooked up the Launch X431 V(X431 Pro) to program Mitsubishi Outlander 2009 all key lost successfully. Yes, with Launch X431 scanner (many features/functions you have not found yet). The post is put just for education purpose. You are at your risk. Pre-programming cation: Unplug the little


Launch THINKDIAG vs. THINKPLUS has released a new Launch Thinkcar OBD2 full system auto diagnostic tool– Thinkplus. What’s the difference from ThinkDiag? What’s new of Thinkplus? Is it worth purchasing? Let’s start with the comparison. Part 1: Launch ThinkDiag vs. Thinkplus: In conclusion: Although Thinkdiag and thinkplus both support OBD2 diagnosis, but Thinkplus tends