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Benz DAS “Not Accept Hardware Changes” Solution

A Mercedes Benz Xentry DAS software user feedback: Xentry works, Das problem and this is the wrong with the DAS software “This software does not accept more hardware changes…” And this is my Xentry DAS software version: Technical Support: Please send teamviewer to see it remotely And when he helped


Mb Star C3 Pro initializing error installation and operation manual

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benz w176

(Solved) SD connect C4 does not woke on w176

I have a w176 (a gasoline with 270 engine year 2013) and it is a pain in the ass. The car came with a platform because it would not start. I run a quick test using the SD Connect C4 mux and all control units were clear. i tried to start


How to Use Vediamo to Deactive Belt Warning for Mercedes Benz W 172

This instruction is show you guide on Mercedes Benz W172 seat belt warning deactivation via Vediamo. Steps: 1. Connect MB Star C4 to vehicle, then run vediamo. 2. ECU: Instrument Cluster-IC172 3. Always click SG-codieren at the end 4. Hard reset should be performed afterwards


Benz S350 W221 ABR Control Module Programming by Launch X431

When ABR control module replacing,ABR can not work normally,upgrading ABR,you need to program it.So here i want to show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to program ABR module for Mercedes Benz S350 W211 Chassis.For more projects on Benz,please check here:Mercedes Benz Repair   What You Need? Launch

disable Benz tire pressure monitor light on with STAR-08

How to disable Benz tire pressure monitor light on with STAR SDS

if you ever took your car to the shop to disable that annoying tire pressure monitor light on the dash and they told you they couldn’t show them the steps. 1. Connect Xentry to the car ignition on. 2. System Diagnosis (Control Modules > Body > system diagnosis) 3. Control unit

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Fixed! MB Star error “application blocked by Java Security”

Buddies, MB Star error “application blocked by Java Security” has working solution now, thanks to engineer. When opening and may get error “application blocked by Java Security”: Please do like this: Go to Computer -> Start -> Control Panel -> Java -> Security -> In Exception Site List,

How to Install Mercedes Benz DTS Monaco 8.16 Software

This instruction show you the guide on how to install Mercedes Benz DTS Monaco Software. Preparations: Benz DTS Monaco Software Free Download After finish downoading and extract you will get below files Double click DTS-Setup to start installation Then just click default option to continue Click Finish Copy files in