Kess V2 V5.017 Ksuite 2.47 Version Software Feedback

Ksuite 2.47 software adds many working protocols comparing old version. Here’s the customer test feedback on KESS V2 EU clone version 2.47 K-suite.

For sale Ksuite 2.47 that works with kess FW 5.017
Some old protocol fixes
Ksuite 2.47 work only with kess v2 5.017. or Kess 5.028, not KTAG…software activation is for every computer and there is some new protocols.

VW Crafter Bosch EDC17CP20 Tricore External read-write OK!
c220 w204.. delphi CRD3…read write ok..
w212 220cdi CRD 2.16 read write obd ok..
VW Golf 5 EDC16U1 OK
Sharan EDC16U31 OK
Passat PCR2.1 Write OK (ECU was already unlocked)
Alfa 147 ME7.3.1 OK
Audi A6 4G 2012 EDC17cp44 Obd Write ok!
Edc17C46 writing on obd TESTED !
Renault scenic 1,5dci 2007 delphi ecu ddcr read/wirte ok!
Vag edc15 read/write ok!
Bmw ms42 read/wirte ok!
Bmw ms43 read/write ok!
Opel Astra H 1,7cdti 2008 81kw denso ecu Read/write ok
Bosch me 7.1 golf 4 2,8 24v AUE engine read/write ok!
Edc16c31 bmw read/write ok!
Edc16u34/31 vag read/write ok!
Delphi (mercedes sprinter om651) read / write by obd
Ford fiesta 2008 1.6 tdi edc1634 read write by odb
VW passat 1.9tdi PDI read/write by obd
Mercedes w211 om646 read/write by obd
new beetle tdi 105cv 1.9tdi 2004 edc15p read and write ok
pcr2.1 ok POLO TDI 6R 9CV READ OK WRITE PERFECT, full by obd2
bmw dde4.0 Read write ok!
Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 4Matic 7AT with Bosch EDC17CP46 was readed with Kess v2 2.34 Tricore and written with Kess 2.47 Tricore
Porsche 997 3.8S Year 2006 Bosch ME7.8.x CARTRONIC WRITE PERFECT OK by k-line test in bench
BMW 320 E46 EDC16C31 OK
Ford Focus TDCI 1.6 EDC16C36 OK
Peugeot 307CC 1.6/PETROL ME 7.4.5 OK
Volvo EDC16C31 read-write on K-line…TESTED !
MED17.1 2.0 TFSI Audi A5 tested without problems (VR)
EDC16CP34 3.0 TDI without problem
EDC17C64 Skoda Octavia without problem (VR)
Mercedes Sprinter 906 2008 edc16c31 Read write obd OK!
BMW Bosch EDC16+C35 via CAN Read/Write OBD ok

Volvo S40 continental SID803A read/write ok
BMW E92 M3 2008 Continental MSS60 read and write over OBD work without a problem
Audi A4 Engine: CABB 118 kW (160 HP) 1.8 l Bosch MED17.5 read over OBD OK!
Audi A5 2008 Coupe EDC17CP04 CAPA 176 kW (240 HP) 3 l Read over OBD OK

Vag dq250 read / write no problem
VW Golf 6 GTD edc17c46 Tprot tricore Read and write without error CRC OK
VW Tigaun EDC17C64 GPT Tricore Read and write without error CRC OK
SEAT LION EDC17C64 GPT TICORE Read and write without error CRC OK

Mercedes B180 CDI 2010 EDC16C32 R/W OBD….OK !
Audi RS6 4F 5.0 TFSI V10 MED9.1 BUH
Read Master ECU OK -OBD
Write Master ECU OK – OBD
Write Slave ECU OK – OBD
When you write master ECU, fan are running, you need a good battery charger

test write edc17cp14 with tp 2011 write by obd use protocol 501 Work fine
Chevrolet Aveo 1.6 liter. 2012 year Delco E83. Read and write ok

test write edc17cp14 with tp 2011 write by obd use protocol 501 Work fine
Chevrolet Aveo 1.6 liter. 2012 year Delco E83. Read and write ok
Ford Mondeo 2.0L 2010 year Automatic transmission success
Toyota Corolla 1.6 automatic transmission success


porsche 958 turbo 2011 SIEMENS SDI8 read is by Virtual read ,for ME impossible
write i have message CHANGE STATUT IMPOSSIBLE

BMW E70 X5 Bosch EDC17CP09 Bootloader Tricore Protocol 226
Read OK
Write Not OK, problem with checksum correction

ksuite 2.47 can only write EDC17C74 protocol 510

Kess V2 immo off Yes or No

Here are handy tips and guides for you guys who are trying to do immo off by kess v2 ecu master.

What is immo off? And what is partial immo off?

IMMO off is simply a modded dump of the ecu flash or eeprom or separate immo box to tell the car no immobilisers function

In some immo files you see the letters T or P . T means total, so immo off/disabled. P stands for Partial that one is used to make the ecu virgin and to reprogram new keys (if I am not wrong). the car is drivable only if the immobilizer is connected and running.

used when diagnosing non start car problems not a good idea but helps in trouble shooting.

another place is used when key matching messes up to determine if it is immobilisers or something else playing up

Immo off: should you use kess v2 or ktag?

First. Look here. I have collected some questions and answers from users.

Q: I was wondering if it’s possible to immo off a read or backup read done by a kess v2. need ktag to read separate files?

A: Ktag should work, almost impossible to separate file read by KESS

Q: Flash read by KTAG will be full flash and not only maps as kess ?

A: With ktag you have full eprom and maps.(flash).
With kess you read only maps.

Q: Don’t i need full flash for immo off and not just maps ?

A: Most you need eeprom read. You need ktag for that

Q: when i load a ecu file with kess v2 via obd? Can i turn off the immo in this file ?

A: Some ecus you can’t because you need desolder eeprom some others you can’t no immo off and others immo in flash you can turn off

Q: Any chance to do immo off with Kess?

A: Either you have bad read or its a slave file, nothing we can do with this file …
and you need Ktag or Galletto to make full read, OBD read can’t do immo off.

So, for immo off, Ktag is confirmed to work and Kess yes or no is a question.

Reason why some people think Auto ECU Programmer Kess V2 is not for immo off:

KESS that is ecu programmer, you can read and write ecu , but it does not modify files.

But actually, is it possible to do immo off using Kess V2?

It Depends; on the vehicle make and model!

Because some vehicles have an EEPROM which runs the security function while others which only have a flashfile with a rolling code embedded there in, depending on 2 or 3 other member but mostly gateway Ecu on transponder or drive authorization mechanism.

So you need to know how vehicle security of the respective vehicle ecu works. Some vehicle you can use Kess V2 (can only read and write part of flash(at times not everything therein)) then you need a hex editor to edit the sectors therein either to make key(if you know key ID) or immo off.

There are too many old ecus with immo off in flash, you could do it with kess, but too many others need work in eeprom so will need another tool or even desolder, for those in mcu need proper tools.

Tested vag edc15vm! Able to write immo off with Kess V2 from!

Good luck!