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How To Enable BMW F3xF8x Adaptive LED Headlights GFHB Function

1 Glare-Free High Beam: What Is It? Glare-free high beam [GFHB] is a camera-driven dynamic lighting control strategy that selectively shades spots and slices out of the high beam pattern to protect other road users from glare, while always providing the driver with maximum seeing range. The area surrounding other

How to Active Show VIN Number in Audi MMI Menu

If, previously, you have disabled “show VIN in menu” (because Carson’s activator) you can enable again following the next steps: Note:For more about Professional Diagnostic Tool Audi MMI Repair articles,please check:Audi MMI Repair Open Green Menu: MMI 2G      SETUP + CAR MMI 3G      SETUP + CAR MMI 3GP   CAR + MENU

How to choose the best car diagnostic tool

The INFOGRAPHIC below is a simple guide that tell you things to consider when picking an Obd2 tool. [Note: Click on image to view the full version] Here’s my take on the Obd2 tool buying guide from the infographic: Types of OBDII Scanners The first thing you need to do is

How to Jump Start a Car Helpful Tips

It’s a sinking feeling that many drivers have experienced at one time or another — turning the key in the ignition and the car won’t start. Whether you left the lights on or it’s simply that the battery is old, even the most reliable car won’t start if the battery

How to Use The OBD II Scanner Tool

The Basics As you go through this you will find that there are any number of terms and abbreviations and the like that might not be clear. Let’s see if we can demystify some of these. For starters, Obd ii scan tool for On Board Diagnostics. And when you get

An OBD-II scanner is the second version of the On-Board Diagnostics tool

An Obd2 tool is the second version of the On-Board Diagnostics tool, which monitors engine functions. If a vehicle’s engine experiences a malfunction, the “Check Engine” light comes on. An OBD-II scanner can access the resulting trouble codes within the vehicle’s diagnostic computer, or power train control module. This computerized hand

4 Benefits of an OBD2 scanner form obd2tool.com

In the past, it was impossible for anyone to diagnose their own vehicle without going to a car service station or their car dealer. However, as technology continued to develop in the past few years, it is now possible for people to check up their own cars. One of the