Mercedes 202208210 203463639 All Keys Lost Done with CGDI MB

CGDI MB latest version V2.8.1.0 is confirmed to program new keys via K-line to 202/208/210, 203/463/639 when all keys are lost.


Free download Cgdi mb software:

Confirmed to work with cgdi mb hardware:

CGDI mb V2.8.1.0 released notes on 19th Dec,2018

1. Added K-line all lost collection support EIS Model

202/208/210, 203/463/639

2. Optimize the Keyless repeatedly plug collecting process

Fix problems that can cause program errors in specific situations in the collection.

3. Optimize network connectivity and improve server connectivity stability.
4. Software display language increases regional restrictions.

CGDI MB Program Old Benz K-line w202 w208 w210 Key via OBD

CGDI Prog MB software v2.8.1.0 adds Mercedes Benz old K-line vehicle key programming. Here’s the guide on adding new keys to w202 w208 w210 kline MB 38pin car from 1997 to 1998 via OBD.


Original car key

New key to be programmed


Step 1: Calculate Password
Connect CGDI Prog with laptop and vehicle
Open CGDI MB software


Go to EIS->Read EIS data

Select Computer Password-> Copy key with key-> Collect data


Select key type: Other keys
Follow 7 steps below to collect data
1.Insert original key into EIS and press OK


This is a k-line EIS, the operation is different from the ordinary EIS.


2.Insert key into CGDI MB and wait for collection
3.Insert the car key into EIS 10s and remove
Make sure to twise the key to ON position and turn on insturment. If failed to do this, pull ouit the ey
and try again. Press OK to continue.


4.Insert the key into EIS


5. Remove the key for 5s and then insert the key into EIS
6.Insert the key into CGDI MB
7. Save the generated files


Save the file successfully. Upload the data to calculate password.


Select Upload Data

Upload data just saved


Upload data successfully. Press Query Results to calculate pass


Calculate password success.


Copy and paste the pass to EIS Key password area


Save EIS data

Step 2: Generate EE


Select Generate EE->V051-> Load EIS file


Upload EIS file just saved

Press Generate Key File


The key file was generated successfully

Step 3: Write Key

Go to Read/Write Key->IR
Insert new key into CGDI Prog device

Press Read Key/Chip
Then Open/Write

Smart key choose 41 format, common key and BE key cchoose 51 format.

Select a key file

Write key success.

Test the new key. Works good.

CGDI MB AC adapter collect data via OBD for W164 W204 W221 W209 W246 W251 W166

CGDI MB AC adapter can collect data via OBD for the these Mercedes Benz models: W164 W204 W221 W209 W246 W251 W166.

CGDI MB Data Collection Adapter Features:
Acquire data via OBD at a quick speed
No need to dismantle EIS
No need to plug and insert the cable
Save much data acquisition time

Workable Models and the data acquisition time:
Mercedes Benz S series W221, EIS 216: acquisition time 12 minutes
Mercedes Benz E series 221, EIS 211: acquisition time 9 minutes
Mercedes Benz C series W209, EIS 209: acquisition time 9 minutes
Mercedes Benz B series W246, EIS 169: acquisition time 35 minutes
Mercedes Benz A series W246, EIS 169: acquisition time 35 minutes
Mercedes Benz R series W251, EIS 164905: acquisition time 12 minutes
Mercedes Benz ML series 164, EIS 164905: acquisition time 12 minutes
Mercedes Benz GL series 166, EIS 164905: acquisition time 12 minutes

CGDI-MB-AC-adapter-1 CGDI-MB-AC-adapter-2 CGDI-MB-AC-adapter-3

How to Add Benz W639 with CGDI Pro and CGDI MB

This post show a guide on how to use CGDI Pro 9S12 and CGDI MB to add new keys for Benz W639.


Step 1:Read EIS Data

Check the EIS number


EIS PCB chips:


Run the CG Pro 9S12 software:

Select “Anti-theft Computer”,”Benz”,”EIS-639 (HC08)”


Then follow software wiring diagram to connect the cable connector to EIS PCB.


CGDI Pro 9S12 wiring connection to EIS


Click “Read” to read EIS data


After EIS data reading successfully,save it on your laptop.

Step 2:Adding New Key

Run CGDI MB software and load EIS data you save before.Then software will show the password.


Then click “Save EIS Data”,and you would better to use default file name to save it.


Click “Generate EE”,then click “Load EIS File” button to load the EIS data.(This EIS data saved by CGDI MB software,not by CGDI Pro software.)


After EIS data loading,pls check data information.


Then click “Generate Key File”,and wait…


Then the CGDI MB software will prompt you “key file generate successfully”,you need to save the data file.


Select “Read/Write Key”



Insert new key you want to add into Key Programmer CGD MB slot.

Click “Read”,the software will show this blank key information


Click “Open/Write”,and check the warning massage:

Smart key please choose 41 format,common key and BE key please choose 51 format.

When writing the original key,you need to use CGDI MB from to erase the key data before,otherwise the programming progress will fail.


Choose a unused key data file,and open it to continue writing progress.


After writing successfully,install EIS back on vehicle,and then perform key learning.