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How to Identify Volkswagen Vehicle Immobilization Generations

As a car locksmith, it is necessary to make a deep understand on Volkswagen immobilization system generations. Because different immo generations need difference chip and key programmer to perform key programming. So here Obd2tool.com show you guide on how to identify Volkswagen immobilization system generations. If you want to check VW

SBB Pro2 V48.88 software Free Download No Pass

SBB PRO2 V48.88 CD backup file Free Download: https://mega.nz/?fbclid=IwAR1ybAJDFnEMMq55eWqW6k55fRw3hlQRq9k7n166hksK15GBoWWyi8CeZ6c#!G6AiwSwB!fjfJoRkvX1cZ8Q4fgacDUf2Coq8pMAjSzDATknl6YS0 Version: V48.88 Supports Toyota, Honda and Ford till Year 2017.12 No tokens limitation The free SBB Pro2 V48.88 software is supposed to work with the interface from China, like this: https://www.obd2tool.com/goods-10047-SBB-PRO2-Key-Programmer.html From July to September,912 pieces are sold. They all feedback it

SBB Pro2 Key Programmer immo car list

SBB PRO2 Key Programmer immo car list: ACURA CL&TL 99-03. INTEGRA 00-01. MDX 01-06. MDX 07-09. NSX 97-05. RDX 07-16. RL 96-04. RSX 02-06. TL 04-06. TL 07-08. TL 09-17. TSX 04-06. TSX 07-08. TSX 09-17. ALFA ROMEO GT CAN 03-16. 147 CAN 00-17. 156 98-01. 156 01-03. 156 03-05. 156SPORT