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Peugeot 4008 Air Conditioning Actuator Programming by Launch X431

This instruction show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to program air conditioning system actuator for Peugeot 4008 2006.And for more Peugeot projects,please check here:Peugeot Trouble Repair. What You Need? Launch X431 PAD III Operations Procedures: 1) Use X431-PADIII,choose Peugeot->Auto search,choose “Yes” 2) Choose Fast test, begin to scan


How to Perform PAM Reset on 2014 RANGE ROVER with Launch X431 product?

Module:2014 RANGE ROVER,VIN:SALGV2EF3EA14****; Function:After replacing PAM or its parts. Product:Launch LAUNCH X431 V/LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO3   Operation: Choose “PAM”; Choose “Special function”; Choose “PAM reset”; Read all prompt; Switch on the ignition; Shut down engine and make sure voltage about 12.5V; Turn off the ignition ; Switch on the


2014 Toyota“Fault Code”C1515 “Torque sensor zero adjustment is not complete” Operation method

Test car model: Function Instruction: EMPSECU、Steering wheel、Tilt the steering column.、The steering column gear assembly and so on, if replaced, the direction does not help. Instrument PS warning Light, X – 431 reads to the fault code C1515 – torque sensor zero adjustment unfinished – current – electronic auxiliary power steering


how to match B2206 chassis number for Mitsubishi 2009 by Launch x431

This article show a guide on how to match B2206 chassis number for Mitsubishi 2009.I will write up by text and pictures at first part,and And for more Mitsubishi repair,please check: Mitsubishi Trouble Repair. Mitsubishi 2009 B2206 Chassis Number Matching Connect the Launch X431 Scan Tools v8 to vehicle,then enter the


Change Signature Light for Nissan Maxima 2017 by Launch X431

In this instruction,i will show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to set signature light for Nissan Maxima 2017.And for more Nissan repair,please check:Nissan Trouble Repair. Procedures: Build connection between Nissan and Launch X431,then enter menu to select “Nissan” Select “The Vehicle With 16PIN” After then select “Automatic

How to save and write ECM data for Nissan Sentra 2014 with Launch X431 Torque?

Nissan Sentra ECM Data Save & Write by Launch X431 Throttle: First select “Nissan” To confirm the software select “OK” Select “The Vehicle With 16PIN” Confirm VIN select “OK” Select “Automatic Selection” Confirm VIN,Model,Year and select “OK” Select “System Selection” Select “BCM(Body Control Module)” It will show you a system

I was given the Launch X431 Pro to test in my workshop

The world of vehicle diagnostics is a never ending dilemma for us technicians. The choice is constantly expanding so selecting the tool that is best suited to you becomes increasingly difficult. In some respects I guess this could be construed as a good thing. Going back a few years, the