How to save and write ECM data for Nissan Sentra 2014 with Launch X431 Torque?

Nissan Sentra ECM Data Save & Write by Launch X431 Throttle:

First select “Nissan”


To confirm the software select “OK”


Select “The Vehicle With 16PIN”

Confirm VIN select “OK”

Select “Automatic Selection”


Confirm VIN,Model,Year and select “OK”


Select “System Selection”

Select “BCM(Body Control Module)”

It will show you a system information,just press “OK”

Select “Special Function”

Now select “Saving Data For Replace CPU”

This function is used when replacing or reprogramming the cpu

This function saves the data that is stored in cpu in device

Select “OK”

Press “Start” button,then Launch X431 Throttle will save CPU data automatically

Click “Ok” button

Back to menu to select “Writing Data For replc CPU”

This function is used when replacing or reprogramming the CPU

This function writes the data saved with “SAVING DATA REPLC CPU function” in to CPU

Select “Start”,then it prompt “Data writing has been completed”

Test done!

I was given the Launch X431 Pro to test in my workshop

The world of vehicle diagnostics is a never ending dilemma for us technicians. The choice is constantly expanding so selecting the tool that is best suited to you becomes increasingly difficult.
In some respects I guess this could be construed as a good thing. Going back a few years, the choice of diagnostic weapon was rather limited and although the tools were generally very good quality, the cost was a big issue, especially for the smaller workshop. If you are a ‘one man band’, a tool costing £5,000 upwards takes some recouping.

As the price of diagnostic tools has dropped, so the pursuit of the right solution for your business has become much more affordable. The reality is that you simply can’t operate nowadays without a diagnostic tool of some sort from Whether it’s a low entry, simple code reader or an all singing and dancing unit, you have to be sure that you select the tool that best suits your needs and your pocket.

I was given the Launch X431 Pro to test in my workshop. The first thing I noticed was its compact size (21x16cm), and it looked very neat with a protective rubber sleeve. It has a touch screen which is very responsive (unlike some other touch screen devices I have used) and utilises an Android operating system, which is a new device replacing its former models.

This tablet-style car malfunction diagnostics device has been based on and specifically designed for Android operating systems, allowing users to download any Android software and work with a familiar user interface. The X431 Pro has been designed with internet connectivity in mind, using Bluetooth communication to connect with the DBScar connector and a mobile terminal.

As with all launch X431 Scan Tools, the X431 Pro covers a wide range of car models including European, Asian, American and Chinese models. It also has a range of powerful test functions and provides extremely accurate test data.