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VXDIAG Full VW ODIS “Trail has expired” Solution

Problem: I have got the VW ODIS license activated to work with the VXDIAG Full VCX Plus scanner. When i tried to launch ODIS software, it gave me error “Trail has expired. Sorry, but your trail period has expired. The expiration data is 01/04/2019. Please, register this software to remove trail

VXDIAG Benz failed to Auto Connect to Mercedes Solution

Question: I tried to connect VXDIAG Full Brands scanner with a 2005 Mercedes Benz E320  with Vin# WDBUF65J15A706074.  It cannot connect automatically. Device is good, software not problem. Should I choose vehicle model manually? OBD2TOOL solution: VXDIAG vcx plus multi tool does not always connect automatically, you have to choose the vehicle

VXDIAG Toyota Techstream Ask for Activation Key Solution

Q: When I install TOYOTA Techstream V14.00.18 software for VXDIAG multi tool, it ask for the registration key? Where can i get the key? I have installed the VX manger and Toyota driver on Windows 7 laptop. I did run Techstream software from patch as i was told. OBD2TOOL Solution The solution