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How to Solve Launch X431 Pad VII unresponsive

After the X431 Pad VII is powered on, the prompt “Launch X-431 PAD VII does not respond” is displayed. At this time, it is generally necessary to reinstall the main program to try whether it is related to the version, or reinstall the latest version to try. But the Launch


BMW F-Chassis Auto StartStop Permanent Off Coding by Launch X431 PAD VII

This post comes with the tutorial of Auto Start/Stop Permanent Off Coding for BMW F-Chassis by using Launch X431 Pad VII. Here is the specific procedure: In the main menu, select Local Diagnose All Categories Then select European>> BMW Read vehicle version info and click OK Select Automatically Search Confirm

Launch X431 PAD VII Failed to Add BMW F30 CAS4 Key Solution

Problem: I got theĀ X-PROG3 immo add-on programmer for Launch X431 Pad VII. Pad 7 failed to add key on my BMW 2013 F30 320D CAS4. Error: Current ECU software not supported. Current IMMO type is not supported. Solution: XPROG3 IMMO function is done via Service Function- Immobilizer Reset. You have


Launch X431 PAD VII Pad 7 Full System Diagnostic Tool Support Online Coding and Programming

Launch X431 PAD VII Pad 7 Full System Diagnostic Tool Support Online Coding and Programming X-431 PAD VII is an unexpected high-end diagnostic tool from LAUNCH, comes with the ADAS calibration function, 26 service functions, TPMS service and 8 extended modules functions. New Smartlink C VCI powers technician a new


X-431 PAD VII Diagnostic Tool

The Launch Tech X-431 PAD VII Diagnostic Tool features a 13.3″ touchscreen, 32 service functions, and Smartlink remote diagnosis. The outer shell is designed to withstand workshop hazards such as water and dust damage and is in compliance with IP65. The X-431 PAD VII uses a high-capacity and high power