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How to Reset Service Reminder Message on VW Jetta Car by XTOOL A80 Pro

Reset service light on Volkswagen Jetta car using XTOOL A80 Pro (H6 Pro) with VCI box. Main steps: The device used is XTOOL H6 Pro. But the guide also applied to A80 Pro. Connect XTOOL VCI to the vehicle via main cable, and connect to XTOOL tablet via Bluetooth Go

How to Update Xtool A80 H6 Full System Diagnostic Tool

XTOOL A80 H6 Scanner Activation and Software Update Instruction In view of the H6 Elite/A80/H6 Pro/H6D Pro/H6 Pro Master product activation and upgrade instruction, take H6 Elite as an example. Step 1. Click the Settings icon on H6 Elite. Step 2. Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to available internet. Step 3.