Month: March 2022

Volvo VOCOM II 88894000 Software Firmware Update

This post guide on how to update original VOCOM II 88894000 software and firmware Before update operations,you need to download the Vocom II driver. Locate the saved file and extract the file contents. If prompted for a password,please contact the IT Support desk1(877)978.6586 for information Open the folder and

PCMTuner Read and Write PSA EDC17C60 by Service Mode

Is working with PSA Peugeot Citroen EDC17C60 in service mode? Will PCMtuner kill it through service mode? It will not finish ECU. EDC17c60 works fine after manual change tprot. You must disable Tport manually. Our customers have made a few on the bench and no problem. Just had to turn off

VCDS Release 22.3

VCDS HEX-V2 cable support to work with multilingual VCDS crack software on official website. HEX-V2 Dual-K+CAN USB Interface Compatible with all diagnostic capable VW/Audi cars from 1996 to current, Windows based diagnostic software for VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat etc. VCDS HEX-V2 Cable Overview: Software Version: V22.3.0 Support Language: English, French, German, Chinese, Russian,

Autel MaxiIM KM100 VS IM508 VS IM608

Autel MaxiIM Series IMMO Programming Tool new released Autel MaxiIM KM100 universal key generator kit. Compare with Autel MaxiIM IM508 and IM608, Autel KM100 support universal Transponder & Key Generation,Transponder Simulation Editing & Cloning and Ignition Coil Detection. Autel KM100 is not support vehicle diagnostic and service functions. Autel IM608 VS

VVDI Key Tool Plus FAQ

Q:1. What are the features of VVDI Key Tool Plus Tablet? A: KEY TOOL PLUS Tablet is a professional locksmith tool that integrates the main functions of remote control and chip, anti-theft matching, programming, accessory replacement, maintenance reset, etc., and also reserves future expansion capabilities. One device can solve all

Change the ECM DateTime using Caterpillar ET Software

Change the ECM DateTime using Caterpillar ET Software ECM Date/Time #Purpose The ECM Date/Time function allows the current date and time of the ECM to be viewed and modified. This information is continuously updated. If the ECM and PC Date and Time are different, the ECM can be programmed to

Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 / 906Pro TS / ITS600 2022 New Update

Device: MaxiTPMS TS608; New: 1. Adds diagnostic support for 43 models in EU region including Porsche Panamera (2021/01-2022/12), BMW i4 (2021/01-2022/12), Bentley Flying Spur (2019/01-2021/12), Ford F-150 (2021/01-2021/12), and BYD Tang EV (2021/01-2021/12). 2. Adds diagnostic support for 28 models in US region including Jeep Wrangler (2022/01-2022/12), Cadillac CT5 (2020/01-2022/12),

OBDSTAR Odometer Feature Update For 2020+ Jeep Suzuki Hyundai

OBDSTAR vehicle software has updated in March.2022: added Jeep compass 2021 immo, Suzuki Swift 2011-2020 immo and Hyundai Veloster 2018- odometer calibration. Work for OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus, X300 Pro4(Key Mater 5), Odo Master. Details please refer to below: Chrysler Dodge Jeep IMMO Upgrade V33.35 Details added: JEEP COMPASS 2021

Autel IM608 Program Toyota Corolla 2021 Smart Key

Autel MaxiIM IM508 and IM608 Released Toyota 2019-2021 Proximity Smart Key Programming without PIN or NASTF. Here introduce 2 ways to add spare key to Corolla with 4A proximity. Way 1: Remove Smart Box Way 2: Don’t need to remove smart box Way 1: Remove Smart Key Model example: Toyota Corolla

Solution to Autel MK808 Gmail Setup Google Authorization 403 Error

Problem I was going to use my Gmail to register Autel MaxiCOM MK808 diagnostic tablet, but it failed. It was giving me the Google authorization error: “403 error: rate_limit_exceeded. This application has not ye been validated by Google and does not benefit from the Google Sign-in feature.” How can I do?