V2020.02 OBDSTAR serial tool add new cars

February 2020 OBDSTAR Tool Update Detail : IMMO Ford 1. Updated French and Spanish 2. Increased Vietnamese and Hebrew 3. Optimized Escort 2017-2018 blade key programming 4. Optimized Ecosport 2018-2019 blade key and smart key programming 5. Optimized ESCAPE 2016-2018, KUGA 2017- smart key programming 6. Optimized FOCUS 2015-2018, KUGA

Best Tool for Fiat Key Programming and PIN Code Reading

There are several tools that get the pin code and program a new key for Fiat. TMPro2, Tango, AVDI, Lonsdor, OBDSTAR, XTOOL, Autel, so many tool. Which one is the best? Some will read BCM Pin Code by OBD. For example,  advanced diagnostics tool will do most by obd. Most