How to Program BMW Transmission Controller EGS Reset by Autel IM608

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Scan Tool is able to successfully program a used Transmission Controller (EGS Reset) for 2015 BMW X3 via OBD. Below I will show how to do it. Problem This is a 2015 BMW X3 with a 3.0 turbo diesel engine. This car will have a gearbox swap


How to fix Chevy P0300 Avalanche 2008 code with Xtool X100 PAD3

How to solve 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche P0300 Trouble code by using Xtool X100 Pad3/ X100 PAD3 SE? Check the step-by-step guide as below. Now let’s start it. Firstly, use the main cable and OBDII connector to connect X100 PAD3 and the vehicle (The OBD port of the vehicle is under

FAQs for PCMtuner ECU Programmer Chip Tuning Tool

1.Q: Why to choose this PCMtuner? A: a. Tuner design it, more suitable. b. We know what tuner want. c. Not only for chip tuning but also for locksmith and ecu repairs worker. d. Not only just for read and write, but can supply more solution for you when you


How Does the COVID Pandemic Impact Car Maintenance and Repairs?

The vehicle repair and aftermarket industries are affected by parts and labor shortages, shipping delays, increased wait times and rising repair costs caused by the pandemic. The car maintenance and repairs are likely to come at a higher cost. COVID-related challenges set off a domino effect: New-car production delays led


How to program or code Mercedes VGS2 by Autel IM608

To program or code Mercedes VGS2, Autel IM608 could also do this job beyond MB C4 with Xentry. Here we share some tips on how to use IM608 The Procedure will be divided into 4 steps: *   Renew donor *   Copy data from old and backup coding *   Rewrite data and


How to use Yanhua Digimaster 3 Odometer Correction Master soderless adapter

How to use Yanhua Digimaster 3 Odometer Correction Master soderless adapter 1.Use power cables connect Digimaster3 and Yanhua solderless adapter 2.Then use chip clip or puncture socket connect the chip and Yanhua solderless adapter 3. The red line need match pin 1 of the chip 4.Select the corresponding chip model through


How to Solve Launch X431 Pad VII unresponsive

After the X431 Pad VII is powered on, the prompt “Launch X-431 PAD VII does not respond” is displayed. At this time, it is generally necessary to reinstall the main program to try whether it is related to the version, or reinstall the latest version to try. But the Launch

VAS 6154

For the vas 6154, how to connect with the wifi

For the vas 6154, how to connect with the wifi Recently so many customer asked us, the VAS 6154 is with bluetooth or wifi ? and if it with the wifi, How to connect with wifi? First introduce the VAS 6154 For your reference as following : Now the newest


What is the difference between pcmtuner and ECU Bench Tool

ECU Bench Tool is a universal bench service tool.The software automatically detects the ecu and memory types, which simplifies the process for the user. Access to the available memories is then granted, the software allows you to individually read / write the desired data. ECU Bench Tool ECU Programmer Supports MD1