Peugeot 4008 Air Conditioning Actuator Programming by Launch X431

This instruction show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to program air conditioning system actuator for Peugeot 4008 2006.And for more Peugeot projects,please check here:Peugeot Trouble Repair. What You Need? Launch X431 PAD III Operations Procedures: 1) Use X431-PADIII,choose Peugeot->Auto search,choose “Yes” 2) Choose Fast test, begin to scan

mb-star-epcnet-java-security-solution-01 (2)

Fixed! MB Star error “application blocked by Java Security”

Buddies, MB Star error “application blocked by Java Security” has working solution now, thanks to engineer. When opening and may get error “application blocked by Java Security”: Please do like this: Go to Computer -> Start -> Control Panel -> Java -> Security -> In Exception Site List,


How To Write a VIN on an USED PCM Module with Autel IM608

Topic: Ford PCM Replacement – How To Write a VIN on an USED PCM Module with Autel IM608 J2534 I would like to share with you how I program a Vin number to a used Ford PCM module. The client is was stranded with no resolutions as the IM608 could

Fly-SVCI-2018-error-“The-device-has-been-deactivated”-1 (2)

Fly SVCI 2018 error “The device has been deactivated” chief engineer offer the solution to Fly SVCI 2018 error “The device has been deactivated” after the software is installed. Fly Svci 2018 The Device Has Been Deactivated Step 1. Exit or uninstall all anti-virus application, then free download the following software to reset. Step 2. Open “Setting”

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X431 Pro Mini Registering Verification Code Where to Find

Question: when I register Launch X431 pro mini, it displays “Please input the displayed image verification code”, I haven’t receive the verification in my email inbox, where to find it? X431 chief engineer replied: The machine is able to receive the verification code in the “Feedback”, please check the tablet

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Diagnose Honda XR-V using Launch ThinkCar 2 (ThinkDriver) + APP

Car model and year: 2016 Honda XR-V Malfunctions and Symptom: Unstable idling Weak acceleration Engine shaking Check engine light is on Honda diagnostic scanner to use: Launch ThinkCar 2 (same as ThinkDriver) which is customized by (To learn: Launch ThinkCar 2 vs. ThinkDriver) Here we go for procedure: Plug the


How to use GM Tech 2 to program Chevrolet program key

GM Tech2 is good tool for diagnosis and programming,and it can do key programming function only for GM cars,here we will display the steps about programming Chevrolet program key fob.For gm key programming,no need tis2000 usb key software. How to use GM Tech 2 to program Chevrolet program key 1.Power On

Fix-2005-C6-Corvette-Brake-lights-stay-on-with-VXDIAG-VCX-Nano-Tech-II-5 (2)

Fix 2005 C6 Corvette Brake lights stay on with VXDIAG VCX Nano / Tech II

Car model and year: 2005 C6 Corvette z51 53,000 miles. 6speed manual. Symptom: Found out the hard way about the drain while not driving the car for a while. Battery would not recharge, so I purchased a new one about 8 months ago. Found out the hard way the interior

How to Install Mercedes Benz DTS Monaco 8.16 Software

This instruction show you the guide on how to install Mercedes Benz DTS Monaco Software. Preparations: Benz DTS Monaco Software Free Download After finish downoading and extract you will get below files Double click DTS-Setup to start installation Then just click default option to continue Click Finish Copy files in


Solve Porsche 958 Cayenne Exterior Lighting Issue with PIWIS III

Car model: Porsche 958 Cayenne Issue: Standing outside vehicle with car off I press lock on the fob and everything happens as I expect: lights flash and turn off… Chirp chirp… Car locks… AntiTheft light starts blinking… Same results when locking manually. But exactly 20 seconds later something unexpected occurs.