Subaru impreza with all lost key program with Superobd SKP900

I have subaru impreza with all lost key ma try to program key with Superobd SKP900 but still not working now am ready immo data using tango to load that file but tango say unknown version ,,,can someone help me to check my file if there is a something wrong …thanks
ecu part n.22765AF262,,112700-4302 ECU EEP 93C56B
IMMO PART N.88281FJ121 24L02
impreza data.rar:!IJA12QjB!9l9aXRLJgJXslUSimSzS9nGRQ_53TNzyyFwrrX-QdYI

here is your magic file that will make your car start again with 100% testable solution
good luck
impreza fix .rar!lNQ1zAxa!kOvawSNbZ1xevqoGiBH-xCyb43rtmkzyB7T0XQFboW8

Finally. Thanks for the above magic file my car starting okay great job …..

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