VXDIAG Benz C6 VCI “Cannot be Used” Solution

vxdiag-benz-c6-vci-cannot-be-used-1 (2)


I recently got the Vxdiag Benz C6 XENTRY updated to 2019.05 version.  It connects fine before but the VCI seems not cumminicate well after update.

Error “VCI Cannot be Used. Firmware is older than the installed program version”

error picture attached:
vxdiag-benz-c6-vci-cannot-be-used-1 (2)

vxdiag-benz-c6-vci-cannot-be-used-2 (2)

vxdiag-benz-c6-vci-cannot-be-used-3 (2)

The old Benz C6 VCI driver is not compatible with newer version xentry program.
Download and update Benz C6 VCI driver to latest version:

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