Yanhua Mini ACDP Not Obtain A000 Module Solution



I got the Yanhua Mini ACDP with Mercedes gearbox module 16 to clone VGS3 NAG3 gearbox. It failed me and said not obtain license from A000 module.

What is the A000 module? module 16 is not for this gearbox?



Module 16 (with license A101) works on VGS2-NAG2, VGS3-NAG2 gearbox only.

For VGS3 NAG3, you need new module 19 with license A000.

Module 19 works with other brands gearbox as well, including

VW/Audi DQ380/DQ381 0DE gearbox clone; supports Mercedes-Benz 9GT (VGS-NAG3) gearbox clone, supports BMW 7-dual clutch (GETAG 7DCT) gearbox clone. More other brands are under development.


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