Does Yanhua Mini ACDP for Porsche write and save dump

Does Yanhua Mini ACDP for Porsche can write and save dump ? because if module will crash I can write it to another bcm. The answer is yes it can clone as long as the old Porsche BCM can read out the data. In the Yanhua Mini ACDP software, there are two options ” Read / write EEPROM / DFLASH and Read /write PFLASH”, they are used to read and write all the data of BCM.


A900 module is Porsche module 10.



For your information, when using Yanhua Mini ACDP to work together with module 10 for Porsche key programming, it doesn’t need to synchronize.

One user bought the Porsche module 10, but still got error “The Key Programmer does not obtain authorization of A900 module”.


Possible reasons and solution:

If you use another new mobile phone or computer, you have to upgrade the authorization. If not login, the user can continue to use normally, if not succeed, please register another new member.



If you upgrade the authorization, but still got the same error. Because the APP software is too old, please go to the official site to download the newest software to download.


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